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Egress windows kelowna or casement

Egress Windows

Tilt & Turn windows also known as egress windows are the best choice when you are looking for the highest energy efficiency available. A combination of standard and optional features such as dual compression bulb seals, heavy duty stainless steel hinges and multi-point locks ensure a weather-tight seal every time. Add in the additional benefits of interior mounted screens, large openings for ventilation on top-hinged awning windows that deflect rain even when open, gives you an unbeatable combination of performance and value.


Casement windows combine classic design and versatility. As such, they continue to be one of the most popular types of window available today. With their multiple panes of glass available in a variety of styles and patterns, casement windows can be easily matched to both traditional and contemporary housing styles; making them perfect for homeowners in Canada. Opening like a door, casement windows can be fully opened from top to bottom. As such, they are fantastic at promoting natural ventilation and sunlight in your home.

Egress windows kelowna or casement

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