Kelowna Aluminum Clad Windows

Kelowna Aluminum Clad Windows

Kelowna Aluminum Clad windows are a highly sought-after window type. This is due to its resistance to weathering and physical damage. New Town Windows has observed these windows and their ability to hold onto paint even through physical damage. If you are looking for a high-end product then aluminum-clad windows are one of the best that can be found in the window market. These windows have similar glass packages compared to other windows types but rigid frames tend to extend the lifespan of glazing options. New town Windows has researched many manufactures and installed just about every local option as well. Through our experience handling these window types, we have observed our customer’s needs. Our Aluminum clad windows along with our highly saute after installation approach achieves the best-finished results in Kelowna. We understand the best solution for any aluminum window option is a good value product for the right cost. The balance between these two characteristics is what we have found to be the best product for our customers.

Vinyl Vs Wood Aluminum Clad

Many homeowners have a special preference for wood windows because of their natural beauty, elegance, and energy efficiency. Wood windows with no cladded exteriors, however, when exposed to the weather have to be constantly maintained through repainting or repairing. Layering the exterior part of the window exposed to the elements with a protective material such as composite plastic may prevent the premature deterioration of the wood but it can also break down over time with constant exposure. Aluminum-clad windows are the solution. It provides you the beauty of wood on your house interior while protecting your window on the exterior. Your aluminum-clad windows need a professional window installation company for you to gain the full benefits from your windows.


Professional Aluminum Clad Window Installers


New Town Windows is a professional window installation service company with 15 years of experience installing all types of windows for residential houses and commercial properties. We provide a wide range of aluminum-clad window products for awning, casement, double-hung or fixed frame window styles and install them with expert workmanship. Our skilled installers are fully licensed and insured, with decades of experience in our trade. They are among the best in the industry. Abreast of the latest window technology and installation methods, we can install aluminum-clad windows suited to the style of your house, perfectly fitted, and fully functional to provide you many years of service and satisfaction.


We listen to you to understand your needs and expectations. Our experts will guide you in making the right decisions on the right style of window suited to your requirements, including budget targets and timing. We execute our project seamlessly without the need for your supervision, allowing you to continue with your regular household activities. We shall turnover our completed work after you have vetted it to your full satisfaction.


Our Aluminum Clad Windows


We have the highest quality aluminum-clad window you can select from. They are sourced from accredited supplier partners that are leading window manufacturers in the industry. Aluminum is a durable material with a very long lifespan. The aluminum cladding on the window protects the wood on the exterior effectively. The aluminum cladding can easily outlive the wood. The life of your aluminum-clad window will be dictated by the wood’s lifespan, which is about 30 years or more.


You can get the best of both worlds with aluminum clad windows – luxurious elegance of wood on your house interior and the enduring strength and protection from aluminum on your house exterior.


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Why Choose Us For Kelowna Aluminum Clad Windows ?

New Town Windows Kelowna provides our valued customers with clear accurate quotes and quality installations. We are serious when we say the final results are meant to last a long time backed along with our 15 year labor warranty and lifetime window warranties. We have striven to achieve this through great attention to detail and constant skill development. We understand the Kelowna market to the best extent possible and are driven to deliver the best solutions for our dedicated customers. If you require high quality service and warranty than please give us a call for a free in home consultation. It could be the best decision you can make for your next exterior renovation project. Have a great day from us at New Town Windows.

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