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Vinyl windows have a modern window type that can address the cost concerns and provide the visual appeal that your home currently lacks. They have some of the best attributes that every homeowner wants from their windows.

At New Town Windows and Doors, Kelowna vinyl windows come in various colors and styles to make sure you get what you want. They are not limited to the most common styles. You can choose from bow, garden, or casement windows with grids and mullions or without any of these design elements and whatever else you may want for your home.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Noise Reduction

The noise from outside can be bothersome at times. That’s why vinyl windows come with excellent insulating properties that work to reduce the noise from outside. Vinyl windows will not let you deal with a noisy situation anymore.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of vinyl windows is a great benefit. It enables you to save on your heating and cooling costs because plastic windows have excellent insulating properties that lower your monthly utility bills.


Vinyl windows last long, and they don’t corrode or rust over time. Vinyl windows can stand the test of time, and don’t easily dent, scrape, or other forms of damage, and can withstand poor weather without warping, rotting, or discoloring.


Vinyl windows can be opened and closed like a door. This means that they can let in fresh air or let out any ‘bad’ air from inside. With New Town’s vinyl windows, you can enjoy a cross breeze during summer or let the heat escape during winter.

Stylish Design

Vinyl windows come with a wide range of design options. At New Town, we carry an extensive line of vinyl windows that allow you to customize color and shapes, and have many different finishing options to give your home the perfect look.


At New Town Windows and Doors, we only offer vinyl windows from well-known manufacturers. Not only are they priced competitively, but the vinyl windows we sell to our customers always come with both a manufacturer and install warranty.

You Can Trust Us

New Town Windows and Doors offers the highest quality vinyl windows for the Kelowna region. With many options for colors and styles, we are your one-stop shop for vinyl windows and doors in Kelowna. Not all vinyl windows are created equal, and first-hand installation experience with product research means we provide great value! Choosing us to install your windows can:

Save You Time and Money

Vinyl windows can last a lifetime and offer you great value for your money. The installation process is not easy and is time-consuming. By installing vinyl windows yourself, you would have to sacrifice your time and Kelowna. It’d be best to call Kelowna’s experts!

Give You Peace of Mind

New Town Windows and Doors is Kelowna’s leading expert that can give you extra peace of mind! Doing it yourself can be a hassle, but we know how to make your Kelowna experience the best ever.

Ensure Proper Installation

New Town’s installation experts always do a great job in Kelowna vinyl window installation. Don’t trust an inexperienced contractor, our experts will give your Kelowna vinyl windows a smooth installation process and the justice they deserve.

Protect Your Investment

Kelowna windows provide unbeatable insulation and security. The experts will make sure our vinyl windows offer you these benefits and more to ensure your Kelowna investment is safe.

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Proper installation in Kelowna makes your home’s exterior look great and adds value to your property. It can greatly affect your Kelowna home’s exterior, so you should only trust Kelowna experts for the job.

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Our Vinyl Windows Install Process is as Easy as 1-2-3

When you order vinyl windows, we send our installation team to your home. They will complete the install and we always ensure that your products are correctly installed by experienced Kelowna professionals.



We measure all the windows at your project to make sure everything will fit perfectly, and we shape your windows custom to fit.



We install your vinyl windows at the exact height, angle and depth and make sure that the hardware is perfectly installed so that your windows open and close smoothly.



We don’t leave a mess! We leave your project looking better than we found it, and make sure any waste from the installation is taken away and disposed of properly.

More Than Just Vinyl Windows

Kelowna windows installation is not the only thing we offer to Kelowna residents. We have Kelowna experts who can install, repair, and maintain a variety of other Kelowna products as well. Here is a list of all the installation services we provide:

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