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Windows are usually the highlights of a house’s exterior. Despite their windows being damaged or antiquated, some homeowners hesitate to have their windows replaced, and it is mainly for cost reasons. Vinyl windows have a modern window type that can address the cost concerns and provide the visual appeal that your home currently lacks. They have some of the best attributes that every homeowner wants from their windows.

Kelowna Vinyl Windows Specialists

At New Town Windows and Doors, Kelowna vinyl windows come in various colors and styles to make sure you get what you want. They are not limited to the most common styles. You can choose from bow, garden, or casement windows with grids and mullions or without any of these design elements and whatever else you may want for your home.

Who We Are

New Town Windows and Doors specializes in vinyl windows and doors. We provide personalized service and top-of-the-line products with vinyl windows that can improve your home’s value and energy efficiency.

When you purchase a New Town Windows Kelowna product, you get complete customer care from start to finish. You can always count on our vinyl windows to be of superior quality. We give priority to your needs and preferences regarding Kelowna vinyl windows.

Our History

New Town Windows and Doors is a Kelowna-based business. We are the city’s leading vinyl window company that exclusively sells vinyl, aluminum, commercial, and aluminum-cad windows. Our passion is for high-quality Kelowna windows made from the best materials available. We use this passion to make Kelowna homes more energy-efficient, durable, and beautiful through vinyl windows.

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction with our Kelowna vinyl windows. We pride ourselves on customizing each Kelowna window to suit our customers’ needs and ensuring that they are completely satisfied with the Kelowna product they purchased from us at prices they can afford.

Our Kelowna Vinyl Windows Installation Service

Vinyl windows are the most budget-friendly option for homeowners. They have a variety of features and benefits that make them attractive choices, such as:

Noise Reduction: The noise from outside can be bothersome at times. That’s why vinyl windows come with excellent insulating properties that work to reduce the noise from outside. Vinyl windows will not let you deal with a noisy situation anymore.

Energy Efficiency: The energy efficiency of vinyl Kelowna windows is a great benefit. It enables you to save on your heating and cooling costs because Kelowna plastic windows have excellent insulating properties that prevent cold air from entering the house during cold keep the heat inside during hot seasons. Vinyl windows are energy-efficient Kelowna products that lower your monthly utility bills.

Durability: Vinyl Kelowna windows last long, and they don’t corrode or rust over time. The material they are made of is durable. Kelowna vinyl windows are Kelowna products that can stand the test of time. They don’t easily give in to dents, scrapes, or other forms of damage. Vinyl windows can endure the outdoor weather conditions for years without warping, rotting, or discoloring.

Ventilation: Vinyl windows are Kelowna products that can be opened and closed like a door. This means that Kelowna windows can let in fresh air from outside and keep the bad air out inside the house. With Kelowna vinyl windows, you can enjoy a cross breeze during summer or let the heat escape during winter.

Stylish Design: Vinyl windows come with a wide range of design options. They can give your home a stylish look because Kelowna plastic windows come in different colors and designs.

Quality: At New Town Windows and Doors, we only offer Kelowna vinyl windows manufactured by well-known manufacturers. They give you exquisite value for your money, and they will be the best Kelowna window types for your home. The vinyl windows we sell to our customers always come with a warranty.

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Our Professional Approach to Vinyl Window Services

New Town Windows and Doors is a Canadian company that started in Kelowna, BC. As experts in this field, we understand the need for our customers and pride ourselves on the highest customer service and repeat business. Kelowna homeowners have been enjoying these windows from us for 15 years already. Today, they are still a preferred choice by Kelowna residents because of their benefits and affordability.

All of our Kelowna vinyl windows are Energy Star Certified, and we will surely find the perfect solution for your home to meet Kelowna’s long and hot summers, cold winters, high winds, heavy rain and snow. They also come in different shapes, materials, and designs, so you will not have to settle for what’s available in most hardware stores.

How We Install Your Kelowna Vinyl Windows

When you order vinyl windows, we send our Kelowna installation team to your home. They will complete the Kelowna window installation process. We always ensure that Kelowna products are correctly installed by experienced Kelowna professionals.

The Kelowna installation process goes through the following steps:

  1. We shape your vinyl windows to fit the openings perfectly.
  2. We take an accurate measurement of Kelowna products before starting the installation process.
  3. We install your vinyl windows at the right height, angle, and depth.
  4. We adjust Kelowna window hardware to ensure Kelowna windows open and close smoothly.
  5. We clean up the Kelowna site before we leave.

Why Choose Us For Your Kelowna Vinyl Window Needs

Vinyl windows have been the most sought-after window type for the Kelowna area. These windows can withstand a high amount of heat and cool while generating the highest R-value than any other window type.

New Town Windows and Doors offers the highest quality vinyl windows for the Kelowna region. With many options for vinyl window colors and styles, we are your one-stop shop for vinyl windows and doors in Kelowna. Not all vinyl windows are created equal, and first-hand installation experience with product research means a good value vs. window cost. Choosing us to install your Kelowna windows rather than doing it yourself can:

Save You Time and Money: Vinyl windows can last a lifetime and offer you great value for your money. The installation process is not easy and is time-consuming. By installing vinyl windows yourself, you would have to sacrifice your time and Kelowna. It’d be best to call Kelowna’s experts!

Give You Peace of Mind: New Town Windows and Doors is Kelowna’s leading expert that can give you extra peace of mind! Doing it yourself can be a hassle, but we know how to make your Kelowna experience the best ever.

Ensure Proper Installation: Kelowna experts always do a great job in Kelowna vinyl window installation and don’t trust an inexperienced contractor. Our experts will give your Kelowna vinyl windows a smooth installation process and the justice they deserve.

Protect Your Investment: Kelowna windows provide unbeatable insulation and security. The experts will make sure our vinyl windows offer you these benefits and more to ensure your Kelowna investment is safe.

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home: Proper installation in Kelowna makes your home’s exterior look great and adds value to your property. It can greatly affect your Kelowna home’s exterior, so you should only trust Kelowna experts for the job.

We Provide Other Window and Door Services throughout Kelowna

Kelowna windows installation is not the only thing we offer to Kelowna residents. We have Kelowna experts who can install, repair, and maintain a variety of other Kelowna products as well. Here is a list of all the installation services we provide:

  1. Glass Window Installation
  2. Window Insert Installation
  3. Aluminum Clad Window Installation
  4. Window Casement Installation
  5. French Door Installation
  6. Sliding Door Installation
  7. Entry Door Installation
  8. Exterior Door Installation
  9. Glass Door Installation
  10. Patio Door Installation

If you feel like your doors are not keeping the Kelowna cold air out and Kelowna hot air in, we can help. We can give you the finest door installation services at New Town Windows and Doors!

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