Kelowna French Doors

Kelowna French Doors

Kelowna French doors are a highly sought-after door style that has been around for centuries. These have been made from wood up until the late ’90s and were typically painted to protect the wood. Wood doors, although okay at insulating, do not have the door seals that today’s door products provide. This is why some customers choose to update their doors for energy-saving features of new doors. 

New age French doors are made from fiberglass materials which are 5 times better at insulating than their wood and metal counterparts. Frame materials can be one factor for updating or installing new French doors, but glass has also changed over the years. New glass products are decades ahead of older clear glass products. New French doors can come with Lo-E coatings, and triple-pane options along with better soundproofing, and argon gas insulation. Not only can these things benefit you but door frames are now weather-resistant and require zero maintenance.

French doors are one of the best options for your home’s back doors, front doors, garden doors, and doors as an entryway to a patio, terrace, porch, or deck. 

French Doors

French doors, which were developed in France during the 17th century Renaissance are a work of art that is still very popular today owing to their timeless visual appeal primarily coupled with excellent functionality. These double doors have retained their symmetrical design and large glass feature trademarks that modern homeowners continue to love and observers appreciate. 

French doors provide easy access to your patio or exterior. With such a door, you can easily bring outdoors inside making them perfect for warm summer days. They can also bring in a substantial amount of natural light because they are primarily all glass. The glass component provides for a great view of the external environment including your patio, gardens, lawn, and yard. The primary function of French doors though is their aesthetic features while being extremely functional. 

 French doors are one of the best options for your home’s back doors, front doors, garden doors, and doors as an entryway to a patio, terrace, porch, or deck. The design and installation of French doors are best assigned to professional door experts to bring out their authentic features and beauty.

Great Selection of French Doors for Your Home

You can choose from a wide variety of options we can design with your French doors. The interior can be made of wood such as mahogany, fir, and alder, and the exterior of fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl-clad wood. You can go for the number of glass panels, glass pane sizes, and finish options that suit your needs and taste. We usually use strong espagnolette to secure the doors’ top and bottom.

 Many homeowners negatively associate French doors with inefficiency and have the wrong notion they are not a very green choice. However, when installed properly and using today’s standards for energy efficiency, the best-made French doors such as what we offer are every bit as environmentally friendly as any other door for use as an exterior entryway.

Although French doors lend themselves to period and heritage properties, they will never go out of style because of their charm, beauty, and elegance. The classic beauty and style of French doors are bound to last many more generations and will not fade in the house construction scene any time soon.

Call us to work with you on your French doors projects. We can provide you guidance on whether French doors are a wise addition to your home, and if so, on which part of your home they are best installed. We offer free consultation and estimates.

Why Choose Us For Kelowna French Doors?

We specialize in doors.
For over 15 years, doors and windows have been almost exclusively our business. We have perfected the art of door installation, particularly French doors, which are very challenging to create. You don’t want to gamble on just any door installers that can ruin your plans for an exquisite French door.

We can guide you in the choice of French doors designs.
Not all doors that function like a casement window are worthy to be described as authentic French doors. They should also suit the place they’re to be installed in. These considerations are what we can bring into your plan of having French doors.

Our products are expertly crafted,
Our mastery of glass and other materials and our great attention to detail allows us to create French doors that suit your taste and add value to your home.

Our doors are strong and meant to serve you for a long period.
Our French doors are designed and installed robustly; they can withstand the constant opening and closing so they can last a lifetime of use.

Our doors are cost-efficient.
Our French doors are a wise investment. They’re affordable and highly reliable while adding value to your home. We also offer a 15-year labor warranty.

We Provide Other Window and Door Services throughout Kelowna

As an authority on doors and windows in Kelowna and the Okanagan, New Town Windows and Doors works not just with French doors but with all other types of doors and windows and practically all window types.

We offer doors for various home and building applications including entry doors, interior doors, bifold doors, patio doors, etc. They are available in different materials such as wood, steel, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and glass.

The range of our window products is just as wide. The types of windows we install include casement windows, awning windows, double-hung windows, single-hung windows, sliding windows, jalousie windows, hopper windows, bow windows, bay windows, and others. They consist mostly of glass with different window frame materials as options, which include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. 

We source our doors and windows from the world’s leading manufacturers of glass products, windows, and doors. We can design and fabricate unique window and door products to suit your concept and taste. Aside from installation and replacement, we also offer repair services for your damaged or broken windows and doors.

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