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A patio is a valuable addition to your home. It provides you the opportunity to enhance your relationship with family members and friends whom you can invite to dine, have coffee, play games or simply chat with. The patio could also be your sanctuary where you can unwind and get away from the stress of work.

Kelowna patio doors are one of the best options when it comes to patio entryways. They are designed to open and lead you to your patio area and to close for privacy control, protection from the elements, and ensure energy efficiency. These types of doors offer a minimal frame to glass ratio that allows for a spectacular view to the back of your home.

Construction of patios has become more popular today and it is affordable to many homeowners. If you plan on having a new patio installed or your old patio repaired, be sure to have the experts do the job for you. You wouldn’t want your house’s aesthetics to be ruined by a poorly installed patio door. Be wise to assign your glass project to professionals.

Our Kelowna Patio Door Installation Service

New Town Windows and Doors is the leading professional Kelowna patio door installation service provider. Even as we value your business for our Kelowna patio door installation, we don’t just bring a patio door unit and install it without having you understand the considerations for having your Kelowna patio doors.

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Considerations in Choosing Kelowna Patio Doors

We make sure you consider the following requirements when deciding on the best option for your Kelowna patio doors:

  • The patio door must be able to endure constant opening and closing.
  • The wall the patio door will be attached to can bear the load from the door.
  • Choose the best patio door that will suit your special space. Are hinged doors or sliding doors more appropriate to install?
  • The door should suit the aesthetic feature of your house.
  • The properties and dimensions of the door frame and glass must meet safety requirements and provide energy efficiency.


The type of Kelowna patio doors you need will depend on the installation space that you have.

Like conventional doors, hinged patio doors open and close through a hinged connection to a wall. They require a substantial swing area when being opened, especially when the swing is inward. The area close to the wall near the door hinges must be clear of furniture, fixtures, and other items for an easy opening.

Sliding doors are a perfect solution when space limitation is a concern. A popular door type for patios, they are placed close to the wall immediately adjacent to the door opening. To operate, they slide along a track to open or close. They slide towards the door opening to close and into the side to open.


Patio doors are primarily glass with frames made of different materials that describe them. We guide you in understanding the properties and pros and cons of the different patio door materials available in the market today.

We offer different options when it comes to Kelowna patio doors that fulfill your needs. When it comes to a frame system you want one that is tried and tested for many years. We have seen many different doors last over the years and feel we can help with an easy selection depending on your necessary budget.

Vinyl Patio Doors
These patio doors have frames that consist of vinyl while their panel is usually made of glass. They are durable, do not corrode, and are cost-effective, making them one of the most common options for patios. They have colourful exterior frames that can match the style and design of your home.

Wood Patio Doors
Wood patio doors are desired for their beauty, warmth, and design flexibility while providing exceptional energy efficiency. They are customisable and can be used as either hinged, sliding, or bifold patio doors. You have the option for authentic wood or modern design that can go in a variety of colours.

Fiberglass Patio Doors
Beautiful and long-lasting, fiberglass patio doors are also energy-efficient and have minimal expansion with changes in temperatures. They are strong, resist rotting, and need minimal maintenance. They can be finished to mimic fresh wood such as oak, mahogany, and fir doors. You can design them as sliding doors or swing doors.

Aluminum Patio Doors
People love the sleek modern design of aluminum patio doors. These doors have narrow frames that can maximize the amount of glass. Aside from being easy to maintain, they can also be less expensive than other doors with different frame materials. They are however available in limited color options – white, clear anodized, and bronze anodized.

Moving Glass Walls
Moving glass walls are primarily glass sliding doors that can facilitate bringing natural daylight and a sweeping outdoor view even when closed. They can let you enjoy indoor-outdoor living to the max. We have many options for glass doors. Triple pane glass can keep the elements out better than any other. Soundproof glass can keep the street sounds out of your home and safety glass can keep intruders from entering your home.

Each of these patio doors has properties that will benefit your exact needs. We can also provide locking systems for rear entry access to your home.

There are many options for doors and will change according to your exact application. Just let our estimator know what you think you need, and we will let you know if you could benefit from other door features we offer.

Our Professional Approach to Kelowna Patio Door Installation

The unique customer experience we offer our customers has made us their preferred door installation service provider. By requesting a quote and consulting with us, we can determine what best fits your needs.

We shall guide you to make the intelligent decision in the size of the door, door frame material, style, and mode of opening and closing. We are capable of designing and installing a hinged or sliding door, glass door with vinyl, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass frame, and moving glass walls sliding door. Each has its advantages and suits particular patio conditions.

You can be assured that regardless of the door style you choose, you will get the highest quality material, a perfect fit, and workmanship and cost-effective deal for your Kelowna patio door installation. Call us now to get a free estimate and experience a top-notch patio doors service from the experts.

Why Choose Us for Your Kelowna Patio Door Needs

New Town Windows and Doors provides our valued customers with accurate quotes and quality installations.

We are serious when we say the final results are meant to last a long time backed along with our 15-year labor warranty. We have striven to achieve this through great attention to detail and constant skill development. We understand the Kelowna market to the best extent possible and are driven to deliver the best solutions for our dedicated customers.

If you require high-quality service and a warranty, then please give us a call for a free in-home consultation. It could be the best decision you can make for your next exterior renovation project.

We Provide Other Window and Door Services throughout Kelowna

We are a one-stop-shop for all your Kelowna patio door installation needs. We likewise offer a wide range of services to meet your window needs in the Kelowna area.

We supply pre-designed doors and windows that are sourced from our supplier partners, who are among the leading door and window manufacturers in the world. The products are available in various designs that will suit your home’s architectural and aesthetic features.

If you want your doors and windows uniquely designed, you can let us know your design and style ideas so we can custom-design them for you as you envision them.

Our door and window services including Kelowna patio door installation service are second to none in terms of quality, workmanship, and robustness.

We understand how you want your valuable investment in your doors and windows not to go to waste if at all possible. We repair broken, damaged, and worn doors and windows to avoid more expensive replacement, which we resort to only if repair is not feasible.


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