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kelowna window replacement

Kelowna Window Replacement

Although windows are generally built to be durable and strong to last a long time, they are bound to be damaged or broken with accidents and lack of proper care and maintenance. They can also go out of style, with lots of modern design and materials being introduced now and then. Do not hesitate to pursue windows replacement when necessary. You can bring back their original beauty and elegance through a window replacement service by a professional window company.

Window replacement is a process where an existing window is completely removed from its frame and replaced with an entirely new window unit and materials. There are many ways to complete a window replacement but not all are considered correct. The procedure that is followed is highly up to the installer and can be easily handled improperly. This is why New Town Windows and Doors has focused its attention on providing proper window renovation needs for Kelowna’s ever-changing environment and climate. We boast of good reputation for proper window installation, repair, and replacement.


We are highly experienced in the industry.
For more than 15 years, we have been involved in Kelowna glass projects, particularly windows. We have the right solutions for all types of window issues that we gained largely from directly working on these projects all these years.

We are window experts.
Our technical staff also undergoes advanced training on new window replacement technology and trends on windows keeping them abreast of the latest development in our industry.

Your needs are our priority.
Even with our expertise with glass windows, your specific needs remain our priority. We work around your needs and preferences. We also ensure the safe operation of the windows we install.

We offer quality workmanship at all times.
Expert workmanship goes into every window we install. We ensure windows are weather-tight and robust.

We are known for excellent customer service.
Your utmost satisfaction as customers is our goal. Our licensed and insured window installers are friendly, work independently, and welcome your valuable feedback for the improvement of our job.

We are composed of competent, experienced staff.
Like our company, most of our professionals have been in the windows business for a long time, some with decades of windows installation and replacement experience.

New Town Windows and Doors has been providing windows replacement and other services for over 15 years in Kelowna and the surrounding communities in West Kelowna, Lake Country, Summerland, Penticton, and Vernon.

kelowna window replacement

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For window installation or replacement services, trust only the experts who have a proven track record in the industry. New Town Windows and Doors provides the highest standard of window installation and replacement services. Request a call now to get a free estimate and experience a top-notch Kelowna window replacement service from the experts.



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Our Window Repair &
Replacement Service

kelowna window replacement

Whether it is a Kelowna window replacement or a new window installation service you will avail from us, we guarantee that you will get the full benefits of our window installation.

When you choose us for your window replacement project, we will have the option to replace your window with the same type as the existing one or with a different window type. We can install any type of window of your preference that will not only restore the elegance of your house’s facades but enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home even more.

We are capable of replacing all types of glass windows including the following:

Also called horizontal roller windows, they are designed with tracks at the top and bottom of the frame and slide as they open or close horizontally.

These windows are hinged at the top and bottom and open outward.

They are windows that are hinged on one side, allowing you to open them outward through a crank.

They are windows that are composed of parallel glass set in a frame. While they offer exceptional ventilation, the security they provide is less.

They are made of glass walls that are non-structural and used as an outer covering of a building.

Picture windows are fixed type of windows that are used to allow light into the room but not ventilation.

At New Town Windows and Doors, we can also replace your existing glass windows with window units consisting of different frame materials such as fiberglass windows, vinyl windows, and wood windows. They have unique properties you can consider to suit your particular application needs.

Our professional approach to window replacement

When you call us for consultation, we will discuss your needs, requirements, preferences, and expectations including budget. We’ll set our appointment at your house. Our staff will visit you, inspect and measure the existing window that needs replacement. Based on the results of our discussion, we’ll recommend the window type and materials that will suit your needs. If the replacement window units are standard, we’ll get them from our stock, otherwise, we can modify a standard window or fabricate one that will fit your wall opening perfectly. Replacement of the old window follows. This consists of removing the window due for replacement and installation of the new windows. We’ll let you test the window operation so you could vet for the approval of our window replacement job. When you find everything acceptable, we turn over our completed project to you.

kelowna window replacement

We Provide Other Window and Door Services throughout Kelowna

Our specializations are with windows and doors. We are the professionals to work with on the services you need for these house structures, which include the following:

1. Supply: We have a wide range of window and door units of all types, styles, designs, and materials ready for installation. They have been sourced from our partner suppliers that are considered among the premier manufacturers of quality windows and doors in the world.

2. Design and Fabrication: If you do not go for ready-made window and door units but uniquely designed products, we can custom design and fabricate them for you according to your idea.

3. Installation: We install windows and doors for newly built homes. Our window and door installation job has allowed us to work on all types of homes from traditional to contemporary and modern. We have brought out the best in small modest houses to posh mansions through our window and door installation.

4. Repair: There are window and door conditions that we can repair instead of replacing them with new, more expensive units.

5. Replacement: We replace old, broken, damaged, and worn-out windows and doors that are beyond repair.


I had New Town Windows & Doors install all my house windows and doors. They were very polite and always arrived when they said they would. All together highly recommended window company.

Adam Everson
Posted 2 days ago on Google

This is a very good company to deal with. From start to finish. I was impressed with their communication and effort. The two that arrived at our home were extremely cutious and used drop sheets to protect our floor and furniture. Overall great job.

Bethanie McTavish
Posted 7 months ago on Google

I had a great experience dealing with New Town. Their customer service is excellent, and window prices were very competitive. Harison and Justin were always communicating with me, and my wife throughout the entire window replacement process. I would definitely refer this company to family and friends. Thank you so much for the window installation

Brian Kendall
Posted 7 months ago on Google

We had a bathroom window and shower enclosure installed last month by New town Glass, and it was BEYOND the level of our comprehension! They did such a Great job! Very pleased with the level of expertise. They are Fast, affordable, and answered all my questions.
Great company, thank you!

Alice Beckham
Posted 10 months ago on Google

Harrison was amazing to work with and always did what he said he would do and showed up when he said he would – my new windows are fabulous – THANKS A+++++

Colleen Unrau
Posted 1 year ago on Google

Harison and Justin installed 16 Gentek windows in our house during the worst weather of this past week without a complaint.My wife and I were very satisfied and pleased with the quality, workmanship and dedication to getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Randy Yarr
Posted 1 year ago on Google

fast,friendly and effective thanx again!

Matthew Phoenix
Posted 1 year ago on Google

Harrison and Justin finished installing 6 top quality windows in my house today. These two young men are very friendly, respectful and professional. I am extremely pleased with the work they did and would recommend them to anyone who would want new windows in their house.

Grisel Garcia
Posted 1 year ago on Google

I was very impressed by the work ethic this company displayed, as well as the quality and workmanship of the windows I had them install in my home.
I highly recommend this company.
Great prices, and excellent work!

Atom Eater
Posted 2 years ago on Google

Great work done on our new windows. This company is reliable, efficient and respectful. They did a super job.
I recommend New Town Glass for home renovations.

Britt McMicahel
Posted 2 years ago on Google

Extremely satisfied with the job they did. I highly recommend New Town Windows Renovations. Great price, quality product and very professional. Would call them for future jobs.

Posted 2 years ago on Google

I highly recommend New Town Glass & Windows. An incredibly professional, knowledgeable and efficient service, offering transparent invoicing, competitive pricing and open communication… Harison and his crew truly went above and beyond to ensure that my project was completed smoothly and seamlessly. I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Thank you so much!

Hope Bahry
Posted 2 years ago on Google

We are very happy with our new shower doors. The price was very reasonable. Harison is very professional and did a wonderful job.

Cindy Wilhelmson
Posted 3 years ago on Google

We had New Town Glass and Windows supply and install a large picture window in our home in Kelowna. I highly recommend this company. Their price was reasonable and the quality of their installation excellent.

David Edwards
Posted 3 years ago on Google

The job they did was beyond my expectations. I had a very pleasant experience dealing with New Town Glass & Windows.

Joe askme
Posted 3 years ago on Google

I had my windows replaced by New Town Glass and was very happy of the work they did for me. Harison took care of everything for me, from start to finish. Thank you

Mike Ellebracht
Posted 3 years ago on Google

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