Kelowna Sliding Doors

Kelowna Sliding Doors

Kelowna Sliding Doors are one of the best options when it comes to patio entryways. These types of doors offer a minimal frame to glass ratio which allows for a spectacular view to the back of your home. We offer different options when it comes to sliding doors that fulfill the needs of Kelowna. When it comes to a frame system you want one that is tried and tested for many years. We have seen many different doors last over the years and feel we can help with an easy selection depending on your necessary budget. Frames come in Aluminum, Vinyl PVC, Aluminum Clad, or Fiberglass. Each providing its own properties that will benefit your exact needs. We can also provide locking systems for rear entry access to your home. For glass options, we have many as well. Triple pane glass can keep the elements out better than any other. Soundproof glass can keep the street sounds out of your home, Or safety glass can keep intruders from entering your home. There are many options for doors and all will change according to your exact application. Just let our estimator know what you think you need and we will let you know if you could benefit from another door feature we offer.


The traditional side-hinged type doors have disadvantages that can be eliminated with sliding doors. These swinging doors need space to swing inward or outward when opened. They create division between two spaces that tends to completely block out the other space and prevent light from passing through.


Sliding doors, on the other hand, offer advantages over traditional doors and other innovations. They can be used when space is limited. Door frames can stack or slide into a recess in the wall, not needing extra space as required by hinged doors when they open and close. They enable flexibility; single large rooms can be configured into two several rooms for different purposes, with a sliding door in between. Sliding doors can also give you the option to open up space or isolate the areas. Moreover, they, especially the sliding glass doors, allow natural light to flow into more areas inside your home.


It takes a professional door service provider to design and install the special sliding doors.


Sliding Door Specialists in Kelowna


With New Town, the door experts, as your partner for your sliding doors projects, you can be completely assured that your door structures are perfectly designed and installed to get all the benefits sliding glass doors provide. Our experience in the past 25 years installing sliding doors and glass doors makes us most qualified to provide you the quality doors your lovely home deserves. We have created hundreds of residential and commercial properties more elegant and highly efficient through our sliding door jobs. Many of the projects we have worked on involved sliding patio doors and glass doors for homes and offices.


Great Selection of Sliding Doors for Your Home


We can use different materials for your sliding door to suit your needs, taste, and budget:


Vinyl Sliding Doors

They are a common option for patio doors. Inexpensive and cost-effective, vinyl sliding patio doors are also energy efficient and can stand up to the elements without rotting, corroding, peeling, or flaking.


Fiberglass Sliding Doors

They are beautiful and built to last. They expand and contract minimally with temperature changes in the weather and are energy efficient. Their superior strength and resistance to rotting make fiberglass doors the favorite of homeowners who desire low maintenance.


Aluminum Sliding Doors

Aluminum doors are sleek and modern. Their very narrow frames can maximize the amount of glass in the door for a better view and light passage and elegance that glass brings.


Glass Sliding Doors

Glass doors make a stunning impact. They are the preferred sliding doors for homeowners who want to make a statement and love indoor-outdoor living. Their large glass window opening provides door access from a room to the outdoors, fresh air, and plenty of natural light.


Call New Town for the design and installation of sliding doors that provide character and style to your home. We offer free consultation and quote.


For door installation or replacement services, trust only the experts who have a proven track record in the industry. New Town Glass Windows provides the highest standard of sliding door installation and replacement services. Call us now to get a free estimate and experience a top-notch Kelowna sliding doors installation service from the experts.

Why Choose Us As For Kelowna Sliding Doors?

New Town Windows Kelowna provides our valued customers with clear accurate quotes and quality installations. We are serious when we say the final results are meant to last a long time backed along with our 15-year labor warranty and lifetime window warranties. We have striven to achieve this through great attention to detail and constant skill development. We understand the Kelowna market to the best extent possible and are driven to deliver the best solutions for our dedicated customers. If you require high-quality service and a warranty then please give us a call for a free in-home consultation. It could be the best decision you can make for your next exterior renovation project. Have a great day from us at New Town Windows.

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