Kelowna Casement Windows

Kelowna Casement Windows

Casement windows offer the best of many worlds. It is a popular design that accentuates many homes for its aesthetic appeal and functional simplicity. Our Kelowna casement windows come in various designs, frames, glass treatments, and insulation options.

New Town’s Kelowna casement window installations offer unparalleled material quality and glass clarity that lets you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Let the sunshine in or enjoy full autumn colors indoors while insulating you from temperature extremes. Maximize a breeze’s soothing aroma by letting fresh air in and listening to the sounds of nature.  

Since our Kelowna casement windows rest against its frame when closed, silence is achieved at a flick of a lever. With superior noise-insulating qualities, the design helps keep serenity inside your room.

Our Kelowna Casement Window Services

Just as with everything New Town Windows and Doors offer, our Kelowna casement windows are backed up by our extensive parts inventory and materials to make your window suit your design theme. We provide 15-year labor and lifetime warranties on our windows, so you have the confidence of a long-lasting Kelowna casement window installation.

Time and the elements take a toll on windows–hinges get loose, glasses fade, and materials can discolor. So we ensure our professionals keep up with the latest trends and technologies to cater to Kelowna casement window replacement needs and keep your window functional.  

Our services cover Kelowna, West Kelowna, Summerland, Lake Country, Vernon, and Penticton, so we are just a phone call away if you are in these areas. With over two decades in the business, no one does Kelowna casement window installation better than us.

Our Professional Approach to Kelowna Casement Window Installation Service

New Town Windows and Doors is a proud resident of Kelowna. Our ever-growing list of satisfied residential and commercial customers is a testament to our professionalism, and we are pleased to contribute to the progress of Kelowna. This level of attention is consistent throughout our product line, and you can be sure your Kelowna casement window installation will settle for nothing less.

Our trademark-free online and onsite evaluations are no-obligation promises because we know we have the experience and customer satisfaction to back them up. If you choose to have your Kelowna casement windows done by us, we are confident that you will not look anywhere else.

Many famous landmarks and beautiful homes in Kelowna have received the New Town Windows and Doors touch. Our wide range of Kelowna casement windows accentuates your taste from sideways opening or awning-type design applications. In addition, our flexibility enables you to choose from traditional expressions to contemporary styles that match your facade.

We believe in investing time and resources in making sure we stay on top of our craft. Our teams take pride in our Kelowna casement window installation work because they know our name backs them up. 

Why Choose Us For Your Kelowna Casement Window Needs

With a quarter of a century of serving Kelowna, we know the market and the demands of our clients well. Over the years, we have learned to know the best design elements, materials, and trends that best suit the Kelowna environment.

Our Kelowna casement windows remain a popular choice because of their flexible designs and superior insulation characteristics that are perfect for the ever-changing weather. If Mother Nature decides to throw a weather extreme once in a while, you are sure that our Kelowna casement window installation can withstand the test.

Our glass products have excellent Energy Star and NAFS ratings that meet the most stringent building codes.

We understand that windows provide more than just a vista or a portal to catch the breeze and charm of your surroundings. Of equal importance is its ability to secure you from unwanted entry. Our Kelowna casement windows are built with materials that ensure a sturdy foundation and concealed hinges that prevent forcible entry. You also have the choice to integrate grilles onto the frame for additional security.

We Provide Other Window and Door Services throughout Kelowna

External replacement, renovation, or repair is the name of our game. New Town Windows and Doors offer different window designs that match your building’s theme. Be it a home or commercial establishment, our choices enable the customer an unmatched avenue of expression.  

We can also design our Kelowna casement window installation to suit businesses that withstand higher utilization. As a result, we meet your requirement for a sturdy, industrial-grade window from different metals to triple-paned glass.

Explore our door installations that can complement your Kelowna casement windows for a full-on theme. With the same professionalism and support, our door choices offer superior quality materials and wide design applications to cater to the demands of our clients.

Available materials such as wood provide a stunning statement to any home’s entrance, or sturdy industrial-grade metal doors provide unmatched security and peace of mind.

All these are backed by our free consultation services and superior warranty services–the best in Kelowna.

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You benefit from a class-leading 15-year warranty on labor and our unbeatable lifetime warranty on windows! We assure you that our Kelowna casement windows will last you a long time, and we have the confidence in our name to back it up. If you are ready for your onsite assessment, call us at: (250) 801-5161, and we will visit your site free of charge. We are here to make your Kelowna casement window installation a reality.


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