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Are you searching for Kelowna Door Companies you need for its ever-changing requirements for windows and doors? Here at New Town Windows and Doors, we understand the stressful decision you are about to make. When you choose a Kelowna door company you are searching for a professional established window installer that will take care of your needs from the beginning to the end of the entire process. Kelowna Door business varies diversely between their offerings and focuses on different goals.

At New Town Windows and Doors, we focus on the renovation of windows and doors with many different product offerings. We offer vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors in Kelowna that fill the needs of Kelowna, BC. Our door lines complete an array of challenges faced when pairing the perfect door to your current or new home designs. Feel that you can shop with confidence when you choose us to assist you with your new window or door renovations. Our ideas will inspire your designs for long-lasting appeal.

Choosing the right Kelowna door company to work on your dream door for your home is a crucial aspect that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many consumers think it doesn’t matter who installs their doors for them as long as it works fine; however, a good Kelowna door company will not only make sure you get the right door to match your home but also guarantee your safety and the longevity of your new door. So, who should you choose among the top Kelowna door companies in town? We’ll tell you why it’s Newtown Windows and Doors! 

What to Consider When Looking for Kelowna Door Companies

Finding the right Kelowna door company that truly has what it takes to realize the vision you have for your home’s new door is a painstaking process. It can be overwhelming to choose from a list of Kelowna door companies who, at first glance, seem like they offer what you’re looking for. To help you decide better, here are green flags that indicate a company is reliable and worth your buck: 

1. Choose Kelowna door companies that are reputable.
It’s true that not all Kelowna door companies are masters at installing new doors and not all start-up companies are bad at their job either. But when you refer to the good reviews and testimonies that a Kelowna door company has, you have a better chance at ending up with a trustworthy one. Look up the reviews on company websites and ask for recommendations from your friends or colleagues to find out more about the reputation of a Kelowna door company.

 2. Choose Kelowna door companies that can prove their experience in the industry.
Some companies are only good at installing wooden doors and others specialize in glass doors only. The right Kelowna door company for you is the one that has experience in building doors that match the one you want for your home. The safest bet would be a Kelowna door company that can do almost every type of door as this proves their expertise and experience in the field. Newtown Windows and Doors has a rich portfolio of all kinds of doors including glass, wooden, sliding doors, and many more.

3. Choose Kelowna door companies that offer their services at reasonable prices.
Kelowna door companies that charge super-high fees for their services are no good as this indicates that they are only after making more money rather than serving you well. At Newtown Windows and Doors, you can enjoy comprehensive prices that already include prices for both labor and materials. You can also request a free estimate so you can stay within your budget for the project.


We are Your Top Choice for a Kelowna Door Company

We have nothing to hide so we never hesitate to show our customers why we are among the best Kelowna door companies for various home projects. In fact, we love telling our customers why we are the best choice for them. Here’s what sets us apart from other Kelowna door companies:

1.  We customize doors to match houses and requests of all sorts.
Newtown Windows and Doors takes pride in its talented professionals who have the skills and background to build any kind of door you can think of. Our years of experience in the industry have equipped us with enough knowledge to work with materials safely and effectively such as glass, wood, iron, vinyl, and more.

2. We keep our rates affordable plus we offer multiple payment options.
To prove that we are confident with the prices we charge for our professional services, all our customers can request a free quotation on their project. Simply fill out the request form on our website and wait for our friendly team to contact you. You can also opt for a monthly payment plan with our partner Finance It.

3. We have been in business for many years.
Not only has Newtown Windows and Doors survived many years in the door installation industry but we thrived through it all. We watched trends indoors for residential and commercial buildings come and go yet we delivered above-expectation results to our customers every time. Today, we are equipped with comprehensive knowledge on the best techniques and equipment to use for any kind of door.

Why Choose Us As Your Kelowna Door Company

Get ready to book our professional door installation service because you are about to find out why we are the best Kelowna door company for you. Enjoy these perks when you choose us for your door installation needs:

We can transform the vision you have for your new door into reality.

Whether you want a door that matches your minimalist office space or rustic home, we can make it happen for you. We will handpick premium materials to be used for construction without charging you extra for them. We build doors that are both aesthetic and functional to suit all lifestyles. 

We offer all-in packages and payment plans that suit your budget.

You don’t need to empty your bank account just to have the door of your dreams. We keep our rates as low as possible so many customers can get the chance to experience our unparalleled customer service. We have partnered up with Finance It as well, so you have the option to pay monthly instead of a bulk payment.  

We provide labor and product warranties on our work.

 Our goal with every door we build is for it to last a long time so you can have good value for money. For your peace of mind, we offer a 15-year labor warranty on our services and a lifetime warranty on the paint and actual windows. You can contact us at any time for any concerns about your doors or windows. 

We Offer Different Types of Doors for Your Home


The Newtown Windows and Doors team feels pumped up whenever a new challenge is thrown at us! This is because we are confident with the skills we have and there’s nothing more we love than satisfying our customers with our exceptional premium doors. From choosing the right materials to making sure it fits your door frame precisely, we work with professionalism and high competence throughout the project.

Here are some of the types of doors we can build for you: 

      1. Patio Doors 

      2. Sliding Doors 

      3. Glass Doors 

      4. French Doors 

      5. Wooden Doors

      6. Entry and Exterior Doors

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Our professional door installers are almost always fully booked so don’t hesitate and call us now to book your slot! You can request a free estimate on your project first before confirming your reservation. Contact us now or fill up the quotation request form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also call or email us with other concerns! 


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