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Treat your home like a castle that needs just the right doors and windows to be a suitable abode for you and your family. Kelowna doors and windows offer a number of benefits that can affect the look, feel, cost, security, comfortability, the energy efficiency of your home.

They are one of the most crucial aspects of your household. They allow for the security and protection you need and are an extremely important piece of architecture in your property. At New Town Windows and Doors, we believe that finding the best Kelowna doors and windows for your home is just as vital as buying a new car. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of art and not like how it looks in your house.

We use premium materials whether you choose aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl windows and doors, which will last you generations, if not a lifetime, with professional installation. You can also look into the option of customizing any Kelowna door or window installation to fit with any style or design you want for your home, which is always a huge benefit. New Town Windows and Doors is:

Where Quality Meets Value
Whatever your needs are, our highly skilled team of experts can help you find the right door or window for your home. We can guarantee you that you are getting a product of the highest quality and will serve you for many years to come.

Where Duty Meets Service
Quality and service are our priority here at New Town Windows and Doors. Our main duty is to make sure that our customers receive the absolute best in customer service. We want you to be completely impressed with your choice, not only with your product but also with how it was handled throughout the time you had it installed.

Where Technology Meets Expertise
At New Town Windows and Doors, we like to stay on top of technology while still providing personalized service for each client who decides to work with us. Whether it’s about customizing a window or door for any specific needs or simply walking you through the process to ensure that you understand each step along the way, we’re always there when you need us!

Where Great Prices Meet Exceptional Products
We always have the best prices for Kelowna doors and windows, so there’s no need to sacrifice service quality just to save a few bucks. We believe all of our products are truly exceptional, which is why we feel they’re well worth the price you pay. With us, you only receive the highest quality products and customer service.

Where Attention To Detail is Key
Here at New Town Windows and Doors, you can expect everything to be handled with the utmost level of detail. We are very personable for each door or window installation because we know how important they are for your home.

Where Flexibility is Built into Every Agreement
Whether you need a custom Kelowna door installation or a new window replacement, we will create a personalized agreement that works for you. That way, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you’re getting yourself into.

Where Full Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed
We guarantee that when dealing with New Town Windows and Doors, you will be left fully satisfied in every way possible. We believe quality service isn’t about pressuring our clients to decide. It’s about making them feel comfortable throughout the process to ensure they are entirely confident with their purchase.

Our Kelowna Doors and Windows Services

New Town Windows and Doors is a service company that aims to provide the best in Kelowna doors and windows for your home. We offer door and window replacement, installation, and repair services across Kelowna. From the moment you contact us to when our team leaves your home after installing your new doors or windows, we aim to go above and beyond our clients.

Our company only offers the best, which is why so many homeowners choose us as their first choice for all things related to Kelowna doors and windows. Our services are the most comprehensive in the industry and have been recognized by homeowners from all across Kelowna. At New Town Windows and Doors, you can feel confident that you will be receiving exactly what you need for your home, done affordably and to your satisfaction.

Here’s more of what you should expect from us:

  1. Exceptional Customer Service
  2. Prompt Response Times 24/7
  3. Quality Products
  4. Hassle-free Installation  
  5. Up Front Pricing
  6. Material and Labor Guarantees        
  7. Free Quotes

Our Professional Approach to Installation, Repair, and Replacement

New Town Windows and Doors is much more than just a doors and windows company. We’re a full-service provider who can take care of all services for you from start to finish. It means we’ll protect your home from damage, handle the installation in a timely fashion, and even ensure that everything is working correctly afterward.

We do that by carefully and professionally handling every step of the process for you. Let’s start with the installation:

  1. We check to make sure your home is prepared for the installation
  2. We carefully remove your existing doors or windows
  3. We install the new doors or windows
  4. We make sure they are working correctly after installation

For the windows and doors repair:

  1. We check your existing Kelowna doors and windows for damage
  2. We repair the damaged areas if needed
  3. We refinish to restore any lost shine
  4. We replace any missing hardware

For the doors and windows replacement :

  1. We measure your home, so we know precisely what you’ll need
  2. We find out about your personal preferences, so we can bring you exactly what you want 
  3. We remove your existing doors or windows
  4. We install the new doors or windows
  5. We clean up after the installation is complete

Why Choose Us For Your Kelowna Door and Window Needs

New Town Windows and Doors Kelowna provides our valued customers with transparent, accurate quotes and quality installations. We are serious when we say the final results are meant to last a long time, backed with our 15-year labor and lifetime window warranties.

We have striven to achieve this through great attention to detail and constant skill development. We understand the Kelowna market to the best extent possible and are driven to deliver the best solutions for our dedicated customers. Below are more reasons you should choose New Town Window and Doors today.

Our Product Development: New Town Windows and Doors is driven to deliver the best Kelowna doors and windows for your home. We’re aware that you need superior products at competitive prices, so we work hard on our end to make sure we can provide precisely what you require.

Our Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Professionals: We have a dedicated team of experts that we trust to handle our company’s installation, repair, and replacement work. They’ll arrive on time and ready to get started with their professional tools and gear.

Our Extensive Selection of Kelowna Doors and Windows: We give you complete access to a wide range of high-quality doors and windows for your home. You can choose from different styles, designs, colors, and more when you partner with us today!

We Provide a Variety of Door and Window Services throughout Kelowna


Now that you’re aware of what we can do, let’s go over the full range of services you should expect from us if you choose us for your door and window needs. Our regular services include:

  1. Doors and Windows Installation
  2. Doors and Windows Repair
  3. Doors and Windows Replacement
  4. Doors and Windows Supplier

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