Kelowna Front Doors

The front door adds to the overall appeal of the building.  It is perhaps the first detail that attracts visitors by seeing it up close.  As the main means of entry, your front door works hard every day.  Over time, it may need some attention to keep its aesthetic and mechanical functionality.  

Our experts assure clients of the superior workmanship of our Kelowna front doors from the start and will maintain its integrity for a very long time. Should your needs call for repair, renovation, or a new door, we have what it takes to keep your confidence and sense of security intact.

Our Kelowna Front Door Installation Services

Let the experts do it.  With years of experience, we assure you of the skills and attention to detail that is manifested in our front doors.  Our full package exterior renovation services give you a one-stop, turnkey solution for your building.  Be it repairs, upgrades, or a new project, as a leader in Kelowna front door installation services, your peace of mind is assured.  

Furthermore, starting with our free online estimates or actual on-site evaluation, we can make expert recommendations for Kelowna front doors with the best materials and fit for your needs and sense of security. We just don’t install doors, our people can make suggestions for the best possible solutions for your door installation needs unique to your requirements.

Our generous warranties and extensive parts inventory help ensure that your Kelowna front doors will retain their appeal and functionality for a long time to come.  We keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the business to provide the most en vogue designs or upgrade traditional choices to adapt to modern times. 

Our private, commercial, and industrial door offerings ensure that overall appeal and value are maintained or even improved by keeping your portals safe, sturdy and even a conversation starter! Make us your first choice for Kelowna front door installation services.

Our Professional Approach to Front Door Installation in Kelowna

There are so many ways to purchase and install a door–you can do it yourself or hire someone to help you out.  Sounds easy, right?  Maybe not.  There is more to a door than a simple physical barrier.  It is a statement piece for your taste, an expression of a theme, and more importantly, a security device. We are the professionals of Kelowna front doors.

We do not take things lightly here at New Town Windows and Doors and being experts at Kelowna front door installations, we’ve got your needs covered.    We take pride in offering a free online or onsite evaluation of your project to ensure you get the best deal and products for your needs; because we know we can back it up with our professional installation services.

We have the materials, tools, equipment, and teams necessary to ensure a clean and professional installation that you can be proud of.

Our company is made up of people with years of experience in the business and our continuing effort at product updates and training ensure that you get the latest and the best.  Also, if you happen to be in West Kelowna, Peachland, and Summerland areas, why go far for Kelowna front doors?

Why Choose us for Your Kelowna Front Door Installation

We have the experience to back it up.

With over 2 decades in the Kelowna front door business, we have an extensive portfolio of superior service to our clients. We invest in constant training for our personnel to stay on top of our game.

Our extensive inventory gives you a lot of choices.

We source our materials from proven and reliable suppliers to guarantee quality and value.  From simple, functional door designs to industrial-grade applications, we’ve got you covered.

We have professional teams.

With the right tools, equipment and materials, we guarantee the best fit. When it comes to Kelowna front door installations, our top-notch services, and post-installation cleanup make your doors functional right away.

Our affordable choices and financing make it easy on the pocket.

Being a leader in the Kelowna front door installation business, we believe in affordable quality.  We want to provide the best solutions and not derail expenses.  Explore our pricing and financing options to get your project moving.

We cover industrial and commercial applications as well.

Our solutions enable you to customize your door installation requirements to suit your building’s functional or aesthetic appeal. From giving a home-inspired feel to your commercial space or a secure portal for industrial applications, let the Kelowna front door installation experts do it! 

We Provide Other Door Services Throughout Kelowna

New Town Windows and Doors offers full exterior door and window renovation and installation services throughout Kelowna, BC.  We have various exterior door designs and applications for your patio, French doors, solid sliding, and glass sliding doors, entry doors, and exterior doors for home, commercial and industrial uses.

If you are in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Summerland, Lake Country, Vernon, and Penticton, feel free to send us an email or request an on-site visit to give you a free, no-obligation assessment and help you decide the best Kelowna front doors and windows for your needs.

Enjoy the same level of expertise and commitment in our choices of windows. Our lifetime warranty and excellent Energy Star and NAFS ratings assure you of standards that meet the most stringent window building codes. 

Our commercial windows offer the business owner a great way to express his/her theme and advertise merchandise while ensuring a sturdy and appealing package. 

As leaders in the Kelowna front door installation business, New Town Windows and Doors offer the same professional support for renovations, repairs, or new window installations. Our extensive spare parts inventory ensures your windows can serve you for a long time. Explore our lineup for a complete package.

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Excited? Get in touch with us through email at:, or call us at (250) 801-5161. Remember, all these are free and no obligation so we can help you make clearer decisions. This is backed by a team of professionals with over 2 decades of experience with the best Kelowna front doors.

If you are a new home or business owner thinking of renovations and repairs, we can support you from start to finish.

Let New Town Windows and Doors be your first call for expert Kelowna front door installations and window choices

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