Kelowna Sliding Windows

Sliding windows might seem to be an expensive home installation. However, they are a good investment that has numerous advantages. For one thing, they provide a lot of natural light which allows you to save money on electricity. Also, they improve the airflow in your home once you’ve opened its large panes. Lastly, they are just plainly aesthetically pleasing and maximize spaces by creating an optical illusion. If you’re looking for the best Kelowna sliding window installation services within the vicinity, you definitely have to visit us!


Our Kelowna Sliding Window Installation Service

New Town Windows and Doors has been servicing the residents of the Okanagan Valley for over 25 years. We have built our reputation from the ground up, and we are now the most trusted home installation in the Kelowna area. Our team of experts is deeply dedicated to providing you with the quality service you need and making your home comfortable to live in. We are the top company for specific home services such as glass installations, repairs, maintenance, ventilation, and more.

We are primarily known for our glass installations, such as sliding doors and sliding windows. In fact, we are the leading and most trusted Kelowna sliding doors and windows in the Okanagan Valley area. Also, sliding windows can pose inconveniences if not installed correctly. They can fall off unexpectedly, or they could be a little more challenging to wipe off the dirt, depending on the quality of the installation.

With this being said, we only hire the best people for the job to ensure that you get the same level of excellence our company has earned since our inception 25 years ago. Aside from glass fixtures, you can also put your trust in us in regards to installing home and office railings, commercial curtain walls, doors, office cubicles, etc.


Our Professional Approach to Sliding Doors Window Installation in Kelowna

If you’re interested in availing of our Kelowna sliding doors window installation services but not sure where to begin, the following is a list of how the process commonly goes to give you an overview of the things you can expect—

Once you have fully committed to our Kelowna sliding windows, you can begin by contacting us through (250) 801-5161 and request an estimate. You can also consult an estimate by visiting our site’s contact page and clicking the free estimate button. Afterward, you make an appointment with us and schedule the date of the appointment.

Upon the date of visit, our customer representative will give you a quick call that our expert will soon arrive at your home. Upon arrival, we will briefly review and confirm with you the agreement and, essentially, what has transpired from the last conversation to ensure that the proper service will be delivered.

After our expert has rendered the services, the customer shall inspect the Kelowna sliding windows if the agreement is followed. If they’re satisfied, the installer will provide the bill and receive the payment. Also, the installer is responsible for clean-up. So that is just basically what you can expect from the entire process—easy peasy!

Why Choose Us for Your Kelowna Sliding Window Services Needs

So why is the Kelowna sliding window installation service the best one for your needs? Below are some of the points you have to take note of when you do business with us—

We are a team of window experts.
We are composed of a team of experts that has undergone an extensive evaluation process to ensure the quality of services rendered to you.

We are the most trusted glass installers in the Okanagan Valley.
One of the primary reasons why we are the most trusted and credible glass installations company is our years of experience in the industry rendering impeccable services. Our company has humble beginnings, but through perseverance and commitment to excellence, We were able to gain the trust of the residents of Kelowna and those residing in nearby Okanagan Valley.

We are skilled in the installation and replacement of glass windows and doors.
The company has perfected the art of installing glass windows and doors which they have mastered this craft all throughout its years of existence. With this being said—you are assured of the quality of the results and that their panel of professionals won’t disappoint you in any way.

We provide excellent customer service.
Another noteworthy characteristic about our company is our friendly and accommodating customer support service. We are always happy to serve you and answer any queries or concerns that you may have about the services we offer. Therefore, never hesitate to call us whenever you are in need of glass installations or just looking for clarifications.

Our rates are friendly and competitive.
One of the primary considerations many of us have is the quoted price of the installations or maintenance. In addition to the company’s strong credibility, New Town Windows and Doors also offers an affordable and flexible rate to its loyal customers. In addition to the Kelowna sliding window installation cost, the customer will also receive a ten-year warranty on the installation service and a lifetime warranty on the windows.

We Provide Other Window Services throughout Kelowna

Kelowna window installation

The company is headquartered in Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. This may be the case—you’d be happy to know that we are servicing even those residing outside of the city, especially those within the vicinity of the Okanagan Valley.

We are offering services beyond a Kelowna sliding window installation. Some of the other services that you could employ include the following—

Window Repair
For minor concerns, we strive to repair windows and restore them to their original state, as much as possible, to extend the service life of these structures and save your valuable investment.

Glass Replacements
In the event of an accident, you can also conveniently ask them for assistance in repairing any damaged fixtures or furniture in your home and then replace any items needed to be changed.

At New Town Window and Doors, we offer maintenance services. This is to ensure the strength and durability of your home’s fixtures and that they will last for many years to come.

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If you want to avail of our Kelowna sliding window, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to take your call and accommodate any concerns or questions that you may have about our services. Contact us now and let us discuss your requirements for Kelowna sliding windows.

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