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If you are looking to replace your windows, there are two options you can consider; the full-frame replacement or the insert replacement window. Your choice of replacement will depend on several factors.

However, many window replacement installations are window inserts. It is done by removing the window sash while the original frame is still in place. If you wish to preserve the woodwork of the frame, want a time-saving installation or are satisfied with size and style of the window, Kelowna window inserts are perfect for you.

Window inserts are cost-effective. Aside from not removing the whole window unit, you get to save on energy use at home because it can prevent drafts that often contribute to increase in electricity bills. Moreover, window inserts help reduce noise and provide privacy at home.

Our Kelowna Window Insert Services

New Town Windows and Doors are here to help you find the perfect window for your home. We offer a variety of high quality Kelowna window inserts at an affordable price. Our team consists of experts in the field and have been serving various clients in Kelowna for decades.

Variety of Window Styles

We have different types of window styles that will fit your needs. From horizontal or vertical sliding, casement, picture-type and bay windows as well as specialty glass, New Town Windows and Doors is your one stop shop.

Expert Window Replacement

We are experts in Kelowna window inserts replacement and have served the region with our exceptional work which earned us the red seal. Clients trust our years of experience and commitment to serve everyone better.

Window Supplier in Kelowna

We are also one of the top window suppliers for many construction projects in Kelowna. Whether it’s door or windows, our products have energy star ratings, warranties and meet the standards of building codes.

Durable Windows

If you are looking for durable Kelowna windows inserts that can withstand extreme temperatures, physical damage and are resistant to environmental stress, we have durable and high-quality window inserts.

Our Professional Approach to Window Insert Installation in Kelowna

Interested to get started with your Kelowna window inserts installation? We are here ready to help you!

Window insert installation requires a certain amount of time and money thus we are encouraging that every homeowner take the time to do their research and discuss it thoroughly with the chosen contractor.

The first step to get started is to get in touch with us. Once we have discussed the details, a schedule will be set and a detailed quote will be provided.

Once proper assessment is done, our professional crew will start the repair and replacement of windows. Many window insert installations can be completed in a day or two for a typical size house.

During installation, the crew will systematically remove and install the old windows while making sure that every window is tightly sealed by checking on the cladding and exterior trim. This is important because it will provide efficient insulation against extreme weather.

Lastly, the crew will clean up the area and test every window to ensure the safety in the house. You might notice certain labels are left on the window because it contains vital warranty information.

Our crew are experts in Kelowna window inserts installation and we take pride in what we do; making sure the homes we serve have properly installed windows.

Why Choose Us for Your Kelowna Window Insert Needs

We use high-quality materials.
The durability and performance of the window will depend on the quality of the materials. At New Town Windows and Doors, we only use high quality materials for installation and our products come with warranties.

We offer expert craftsmanship.
Window installation needs to fit perfectly for it to last for a long time and our crew is known for our expert craftsmanship. They are the best at what they do because of their skills. knowledge and experience working for residential, commercial and industrial windows.

We have a team of experienced installers.
New Town Windows and Doors is among the top in Kelowna window installation industry. We have been serving clients for the past 25 years and the invaluable experience is what makes us one of the experts in Kelowna window inserts installation.

We provide customized service.
We value professionalism and here at New Town Windows and Doors, you do not have to worry about anything. From ensuring the safety of the workplace, to precise and fast installation to cleaning up the mess of the work site, our professional team will keep everything intact and neat.

We offer professional advice.
We care about our clients thus providing them with professional advice and assisting them in looking for the best window inserts for their homes or buildings. From architectural considerations, energy efficiency and types of materials, we will offer our insights and suggestions to help every client decide.

We Provide Other Window Services

window insert installation

Door Installation
A door is one of the focal points in the house and as New Town Windows and Doors professional door installers, we understand this well. Whether it is for the patio, sliding glass, French doors, entry or exterior doors, we can do it for you.

Glass Installation and Repair
Apart from windows and doors, we are also highly skilled in handling glass installation and repair. We are capable of handling an array of glass products. From shower glass doors, wine room glass or commercial doors, nothing is too hard for us to repair or install.

Siding Installation
Siding protects your home from exposure to external elements and is considered a home first line of defense. Proper installation and high quality siding impact the longevity of your house. We make sure you get the best value for your money by giving what you deserve; detailed installation and high quality siding. We offer many types of products that will definitely meet your aesthetic goals.

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When it comes to your home and buildings, you deserve the best. Our team at New Town Windows and Doors wants every client happy and satisfied with the outcome of our work.

From our decades of experience in the industry to the crew of highly skilled professionals, we are confident in delivering 100% of each project. Lets get started today! Call us now at (250) 801-5161 to get a free quote from our Kelowna window inserts installation and repair.

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