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New Construction Window

Most owners of new houses just approve as a whole the house plan submitted by their architects without bothering to pay attention to its detail, such as the style and type of their windows. They may later regret not having chosen a better window style or material after the house has been constructed. A professional windows service company is in a better position to consult with, with regards to windows. They have years of experience with the particular house structure that makes them the authority on windows.

New Construction Windows Installation

When planning a new house construction, New Town Windows is the windows service company to call. Our 15 years of exclusive experience on windows can intelligently guide you in your selection of the right window design and type for your new home. We can work with your design and construction team to coordinate the requirements for your windows. When you have decided on your window selection, we can likewise expertly execute your windows project.

Our window experts who have decades of experience have worked on hundreds of new construction windows projects, especially in the Kelowna area. We have installed all the different types of windows for new houses and commercial buildings. Whether your property is a single-room house or a large mansion, we can fit it with the best windows that will suit your home’s architectural style. We work around your needs, considering your taste and preferences, and budget and timing targets.

Our Windows for New Construction

We have a wide range of window materials and configuration styles available anytime. They are all quality window products sourced from our accredited supplier partners that are industry-leading manufacturers of windows. If budget is a concern, you can choose vinyl windows, reasonably-priced, energy-efficient windows. You can go for wood windows, the ever-elegant windows that are more expensive but longer-lasting and more energy-efficient. Aluminum clad windows provide the elegance of wood in your home interior and the durability of aluminum in your window exterior. You can also consider aluminum windows that have the best durability and longest-lasting.

Any of these windows by material types can be used in any configuration styles – casement, awning, sash, double-hung, tilt and turn, or fixed-frame. The possibilities for your windows are almost endless.

Call us to know more about our window solutions. One of them will suit your needs and taste. We offer free consultation and estimates.

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