We Install The Highest Quality Vinyl Windows, Doors, And Exterior Siding.

All of our window & door products are professionally Engineered and Energy Star rated. Suitable for both home renovations and new construction. Feel secure in your investment with an industry leading, full lifetime warranty that includes parts and labor.

Our vinyl windows & doors are locally manufactured, meaning better support and care for our products. Our installers are respectful, highly skilled tradesmen.


I had New Town Windows & Doors install all my house windows and doors. They were very polite and always arrived when they said they would. All together highly recommended window company.

Adam Everson
Posted 2 days ago on Google

This is a very good company to deal with. From start to finish. I was impressed with their communication and effort. The two that arrived at our home were extremely cutious and used drop sheets to protect our floor and furniture. Overall great job.

Bethanie McTavish
Posted 7 months ago on Google

I had a great experience dealing with New Town. Their customer service is excellent, and window prices were very competitive. Harison and Justin were always communicating with me, and my wife throughout the entire window replacement process. I would definitely refer this company to family and friends. Thank you so much for the window installation

Brian Kendall
Posted 7 months ago on Google

We had a bathroom window and shower enclosure installed last month by New town Glass, and it was BEYOND the level of our comprehension! They did such a Great job! Very pleased with the level of expertise. They are Fast, affordable, and answered all my questions.
Great company, thank you!

Alice Beckham
Posted 10 months ago on Google

Harrison was amazing to work with and always did what he said he would do and showed up when he said he would – my new windows are fabulous – THANKS A+++++

Colleen Unrau
Posted 1 year ago on Google

Harison and Justin installed 16 Gentek windows in our house during the worst weather of this past week without a complaint.My wife and I were very satisfied and pleased with the quality, workmanship and dedication to getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Randy Yarr
Posted 1 year ago on Google

fast,friendly and effective thanx again!

Matthew Phoenix
Posted 1 year ago on Google

Harrison and Justin finished installing 6 top quality windows in my house today. These two young men are very friendly, respectful and professional. I am extremely pleased with the work they did and would recommend them to anyone who would want new windows in their house.

Grisel Garcia
Posted 1 year ago on Google

I was very impressed by the work ethic this company displayed, as well as the quality and workmanship of the windows I had them install in my home.
I highly recommend this company.
Great prices, and excellent work!

Atom Eater
Posted 2 years ago on Google

Great work done on our new windows. This company is reliable, efficient and respectful. They did a super job.
I recommend New Town Glass for home renovations.

Britt McMicahel
Posted 2 years ago on Google

Extremely satisfied with the job they did. I highly recommend New Town Windows Renovations. Great price, quality product and very professional. Would call them for future jobs.

Posted 2 years ago on Google

I highly recommend New Town Glass & Windows. An incredibly professional, knowledgeable and efficient service, offering transparent invoicing, competitive pricing and open communication… Harison and his crew truly went above and beyond to ensure that my project was completed smoothly and seamlessly. I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Thank you so much!

Hope Bahry
Posted 2 years ago on Google

We are very happy with our new shower doors. The price was very reasonable. Harison is very professional and did a wonderful job.

Cindy Wilhelmson
Posted 3 years ago on Google

We had New Town Glass and Windows supply and install a large picture window in our home in Kelowna. I highly recommend this company. Their price was reasonable and the quality of their installation excellent.

David Edwards
Posted 3 years ago on Google

The job they did was beyond my expectations. I had a very pleasant experience dealing with New Town Glass & Windows.

Joe askme
Posted 3 years ago on Google

I had my windows replaced by New Town Glass and was very happy of the work they did for me. Harison took care of everything for me, from start to finish. Thank you

Mike Ellebracht
Posted 3 years ago on Google
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Frequently asked questions?

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Window replacement is usually a big investment and upgrade to your home.  The appearance, performance, and durability should be considered before you choose new windows. The Window installation should be handled by a seasoned professional. Your windows performance will be highly dependant your window installers level of skill.

Look at the below factors and determine if you need new windows and doors:

  • Air leakage around the windows
  • Excessive condensation between the window panes
  • Your windows shake in the wind
  • Rotted wood or chipped paint
  • Energy bills are high or the house it either too hot or too cold
  • Windows don’t operate properly

Old windows can contribute to many factors that make your home less efficient, heat loss, energy consumption and drafts are signs you should look for when thinking about updating your windows. Dated windows are usually the biggest energy loss factor in your home.

Energy efficient windows increase the r value or insulation abilities of your home. It will keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Meaning you will save big money on energy bills. By increasing thermal performance of your window openings you could reduce heat loss through windows by 50% and save approximately 25% on energy bills.

A replacement window is a window that`s custom built window that fits the opening of an existing window frame. Unlike a new construction window, which is typically what builders use on new homes. These are usually seen at hardware stores Like Home Depot Or Rona. Replacement windows are a custom ordered product that will enhance your energy efficiency unlike that of a new construction window

Windows will do an awesome job at increasing or decreasing home temperatures. Windows in old houses were designed when energy, wood and aluminum were cheap and newer technologies were unknown. Today’s newer energy efficient windows are designed to kick butt in the extreme elements; keeping the elements out. An older home can loose up to 50 percent of its heat through inefficient windows and doors.

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