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Black Vinyl Double Hung Windows: A Trendy and Famous Choice Among Homeowners

ByHarison Pyykko April 20, 2020

Black Vinyl Double Hung Windows has started to trend among homeowners in 2018. At that time, installing black vinyl double hung windows in your home was a bold choice, as the color is on the opposite spectrum of the classic white windows. However, as the said windows were able to sustain the trend, many manufacturers have decided to include the product in their catalogues.

At the moment, black vinyl double hung windows are close to the white version when it comes to demand. If you’re curious why black vinyl double hung windows have been a famous choice for the last two years, here are some reasons why:

1. Black is classy – Because white windows are the go-to choice in most homes, this color has been associated with simple, comfortable living. With the emergence of black windows, home owners have realized that this color provides a classy, high class feel to their homes. In addition, black can surprisingly blend well with most interior designs just as much as white does.

2. Black provides additional insulation – As commonly known, the color black absorbs more heat. These windows can be an excellent choice for places that face extreme winters. However, for the same reason previously stated, home owners should strategically position black windows facing away from the Western sun for it to avoid absorbing unnecessary heat during the summer season.

3. Double hung windows provide maximum climate control – Compared to other window types, double hung windows is the most flexible when it comes to manual adjustments. Compared to fixed windows which you cannot open and single hung windows which only one sash can be adjusted, double hung windows can provide the most air circulation if you’re looking for a natural source of ventilation. Despite having one of the widest openings among window types, a double hung window of top quality can still guarantee air and water tightness. This means that the window is sealed tightly enough to prevent air or water from coming inside your home.

4. Black double hung windows are a good combination – As mentioned earlier, black absorbs more heat. Although it may pose as a problem for places with warmer climates like Kelowna, it can be addressed if the black window is double hung. Although black may invite additional heat, the wide opening provided by double hung windows can cancel out the heat by letting cool air into your home. Black double hung windows are a good choice if you’re looking for both comfort and aesthetics.

5. Vinyl is the most competitive material available in the market – Compared to other window frame materials, vinyl is one of the cheapest available materials that there is. Despite its affordability, it doesn’t fall short in terms of durability and performance. Vinyl has almost the same longevity as wooden frames, and has better weather tightness compared to wood. Vinyl windows are also generally easier to install. If of good quality, vinyl windows can provide more insulation and noise reduction – all for a relatively cheaper price.

Things to Consider

All windows can generally look the same but windows can actually provide a lot of options when it comes to customization and adjusting to your home’s needs. If you’re looking into installing black double hung vinyl windows into your home, here are more of the things you should consider to make sure that your windows are fit to your taste and needs:

  • Grid Pattern – A grid is a design that divides your window into smaller portions of glass. Colonial grids is when the window is divided into equally sized squares (can be divided into 4, 6, or 9). This pattern is a common design among homes. On the other hand, Prairie grids are unequally divided panes. There usually is a giant square panel in the middle surrounded by smaller square panels in the corners. This design is more common in shops and enterprises.
  • Grid Style – The grid style can be seen on the material dividing the grid panels. The grid can be plain flat, or can also have an embossed or sculpture effect.
  • Window Trim and Sill – A window trim is the surrounding case of a window that is functionally attached to cover gaps between the windows and walls, and to also provide additional aesthetic appeal. The window sill, on the other hand, is the bottom part of the trim and can often be seen as a space where plants are placed. A window trim and sill are optional and can hugely rely on the home owner’s preference. In fact, most window trims and sills can be installed through DIY.
  • Glass coating – Like a window trim and sill, installing glass coating depends on the preference of the home owner. Glass coating can provide privacy depending on the color and design. Glass coatings can be frosted, tinted, or obscured, among many others.