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The Most Popular Types of Windows for Homes

ByHarison Pyykko April 14, 2021

There are plenty of types of windows out there, but you might be surprised to hear just how many types of windows for your home there actually are. As one of the key features of any property – inside and out – windows are important to pair correctly with the design of your home, so make sure to find the right windows for your home in Kelowna. We break down some of the main styles to help you choose the right one for your space.

Types of Windows for Your Home

1. Single and Double Hung Windows

Easily one of the most recognizable and popular choices in modern home design, single and double windows provide several notable benefits over other types. Namely, they are one of the most affordable choices for windows, and due to their design, they also work in a variety of climates which lends to their popularity. With single hung windows, the bottom window panel (lower sash) moves up and down, and the upper sash remains stationary. They are incredibly energy efficient. Double hung windows also keep this property, but the upper sash can move up and down as well. Double hung windows can often tilt as well to clean them making them a frequent upgrade pick over single hung ones. They are more of a classic style and are standard in many homes. Since they can be opened from the top or bottom, double-hung windows allow homeowners more control over air flow.

2. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have two parts, usually made from single windows. Either one of these single windows is designed to slide horizontally over the other to close or open. They open from side to side instead of up and down. Sliding windows are common in homes where you wouldn't want any distractions in your view or to compromise the airflow. Usually, they are also quite simple and lack mechanical parts, except a lock. They also have very basic seals and zero tension mechanisms. Such features often make sliding windows the least expensive option.   Casement windows in home

3. Why You Should Choose Casement Windows

While casement windows can swing up, they commonly swing out to the side to open. This allows for less obstructed views and greater ventilation as well. In terms of pricing, they are usually less affordable compared to single and double hung windows mainly due to the fact that they are typically larger in size. When closed and locked, they make an effective seal for improved energy performance.

4. Make Your Basement Safer With Egress Windows

Not always a type of window that’s at the forefront of people’s minds, but an incredibly important type to have. These kinds of windows can provide a crucial escape route for people on the basement level floor.

Awning window for home

5. Awning Windows

They open up by pivoting from the top of the sash operated by a crank. They are commonly paired with large picture windows and tend to be placed along sides, bottom, or top of the picture window to ensure maximum ventilation. Awning windows can also be installed above doors, almost like transom windows. Awning windows are not recommended for use near walkways or high traffic areas since they open out fully and may allow fumes in from vehicles or cause injuries to pedestrians.

6. Picture Windows

These are ideal in areas where airflow is not as important since they do not open. Picture windows are often large glass expanses that fill a wall's center portion to provide ample light and a wide view. They can also be used as commercial windows, especially for high windows in two-storey foyers. Picture windows are less prone to air leakages than the operable alternatives. However, their large glass panes can gain or lose lots of heat compared to insulated walls or smaller windows.

7. Jalousie Windows

These are inexpensive solutions for warm weather environments, especially where homeowners rarely need air conditioning. Jalousie windows are comprised of glass slats set in metal clips that can be closed and opened in unison, like louvres. They provide maximum ventilation but are generally narrow and do not provide an expansive view. Jalousie windows are also less secure than the standard window types.

8. Bay Windows

These are excellent resources for architects to design projections and angles on a building structure. They allow light to enter at various angles. Most bay windows include side windows that you can open for ventilation. Bay windows are mainly used in family rooms and kitchens where the window's large sill can be used as a window seat or for plants.

Arched window

9. Arched Windows

These have rounded tops that provide an architectural design to any property. Most arched windows do not close or open. They are mostly installed above standard windows that ensure ventilation. Select arched windows can open similarly to casement windows.

10. Bow Windows

These rely on custom curved windows to create a round surface along the home's exterior. Thus, they produce a curved appearance towards the outside. They can also be opened and closed like standard windows.

Window Types by Material

The above window types are classified by styles. There are many more detailed window types by style. However, windows can also be classified based on the material used. These include:

1. Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows provide long-lasting and low-maintenance performance to homeowners. They are resistant to damage from insect infestations and extreme weather conditions. Vinyl windows rarely need to be refinished, stained, or painted. Vinyl is a superb insulator, making it the perfect energy-efficient option for your home.

Aluminum window

2. Aluminium Windows

Aluminum windows guarantee strength and durability. They feature a streamlined, frame-resistant design to offer protection from insect infestation, moisture, and severe weather. Aluminum windows' narrow frame design allows for a larger view and more natural sunlight.

3. Wood Composite Windows

Wood composite windows provide the traditional look of the low maintenance and thermal performance design of advanced composite materials. Wood composite materials are resistant to some degree of damage, especially from insect infestation. While these are some of the most common styles, there are many more kinds of windows out there to suit your exact need. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial windows, our window experts at New town Windows and Doors can advise you accordingly. Besides residential properties, we also provide commercial windows in Kelowna for businesses and institutions. We provide professional residential and commercial window installation services.  

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