Installing Exterior Door in Home

Things to Consider When Installing Exterior Doors in Kelowna

ByHarison Pyykko September 23, 2021

  Exterior doors are a significant part of a home that requires as much attention as any other fixtures. Most importantly, they ensure an added element of security. The exterior door is a focal point of your home's exterior and is the first thing someone notices as they approach. Whether you install new exterior doors or install a door replacement, there are several factors you ought to consider firsthand. Since it is an investment, proper caution and due diligence should be your priority before replacing or installing exterior doors in Kelowna. Check out some of the vital things you need to consider before installing exterior doors.          

  1. Safety

How safe is your door replacement? Security is one of the significant concerns when installing a new door in your Kelowna home. When protecting your loved ones and property, you need to invest heavily in a door replacement or installation that guarantees security.   As such, experts advise staying away from Big Box retailers. The alternative is to partner with a local door and window expert company in Kelowna. Doing so will give you access to important information and knowledge to help you choose the right door for your security needs.   Features of a secure exterior door include sturdy, durable, and quality hardware. In addition, the hinges should be set in a strong and durable frame. The door should have an excellent locking mechanism, for example, Grade 1 or Grade 2 Deadbolt.   Moreover, the exterior door should be able to withstand the elements for as long as it can. An armored security door is a great investment, though pricy. However, keep in mind that a door is mostly as good and secure as the door frame and hardware. At New Town Windows, we provide a wide range of exterior doors reinforced with additional security features. We can also advise you accordingly if security is a major challenge for your exterior doors.          
  1. Privacy

Your exterior doors, especially the front doors, are the largest opening, which is why privacy should be a major concern when looking to install exterior doors in your Kelowna home. At the same time, you need to ensure proper lighting is coming in through the door. You can guarantee your privacy and get sufficient lighting by installing a door with windowpanes designed with safety glass and frosted for added privacy.   The alternative is to install exterior doors with windows above eye-level, for example, arched glass panels above the doors. Installing a full glass front door provides a breathtaking view of nature. Although they may be ideal for private access homes, full glass front doors limit privacy and security. Talk to an exterior door company in Kelowna to help you find alternative doors with improved privacy features, especially if you live in urban homes.   Home with wooden exterior door  
  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic appeal is vital, especially if you are considering reselling your home. Generally, an attractive exterior door is the first thing your visitors should notice. A lot of sub-factors go into customizing the aesthetic appeal of your door.   For instance, what style suits you best? Which is the best color for my exterior doors? The answer depends entirely on your preference. As a reliable exterior door company in Kelowna, New Town Windows provides a wide selection of exterior door styles, from high-end architectural door styles to traditional ones that purely work as entryways into your home.   Entry doors are classified into style classes like single panel, flush, double-entry, and arched doors. These style options are further divided into different options, including etched or glass panels.   Therefore, when considering the aesthetic appeal, installing the best door style should be purely intuitive. You can also install a new door based on your interior decor or architectural style. Consult our exterior door experts to find the best alternative that ensures an overall aesthetic appeal.          
  1. Budget

The front door replacement cost depends on several factors, including door type, material, and style. Other cost factors for installing exterior doors in Kelowna include labor and framing needs. Generally, most door replacement or installation projects require an expert for quality service. If budget is a major consideration for you, below are the different types of door materials and styles to choose from, each with varying prices:
  • Aluminum doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Iron doors
  • Steel doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Vinyl Doors
  Installing or replacing a door can be expensive, depending on the door type, material, labor costs, and other factors. When you partner with a reliable exterior door company in Kelowna, the experts will share with you any compromises you make regarding costs over quality. In a nutshell, considering the importance of security and privacy, installing your front door should not be a project to cut corners.   fixing exterior door  
  1. Labor

Door replacement and installation projects are not entirely easy, especially if you lack the expertise and tools. It makes sense in such situations to delegate and hire an expert for the task. However, should you just hire any exterior door company near you? Unfortunately, not every so-called door expert can guarantee you expertise and quality service worth your investment.   Ensure you do your due diligence to find the most reputable and trustworthy exterior door company in Kelowna. Doing so helps to protect your investment and avoid repair costs that often accompany low-quality installations.   In addition, ensure the exterior door company you hire for the task has an impressive track record when it comes to installing high-quality exterior doors. New Town Windows has installed and replaced plenty of exterior doors as a reputable and well-established interior and exterior door company.        

Hire New Town for Installing Exterior Doors in Kelowna

Are you looking for high-quality exterior doors for your Kelowna home? Before embarking on this project, you need to consider some factors, including security, aesthetic appeal, and privacy needs. You also need to consider your budget and, most importantly, the company you are hiring for the job. New Town Windows is a leading expert service provider for exterior doors. Contact New Town Windows & Doors for your exterior door replacement or door installation needs in Kelowna and the surrounding areas.

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