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Window Replacement: Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

ByHarison Pyykko August 20, 2021

When last did you check your windows for any signs of tear and wear? Do one or more of the windows stick when you raise the sashes? This and a few other signs point to the need for an immediate window replacement. Timing is an important fact when considering a window replacement. You will want to maximize your current windows' cycle. Simultaneously, you don't want to remove the windows until they become more trouble than they're worth. As such, it's highly beneficial to be able to tell when to replace your windows. As the leading window replacement company in Kelowna, we advise clients appropriately and provide better, energy-efficient solutions. Here is everything you need to know about replacing your windows.

How to Know When to Replace Windows

Professional replacing windows in house  

1. Faulty Operation

An ageing window system tends to develop mechanical and balance issues, resulting in sticking and jamming. Rust formation, moulds, and rotting factor into this, pointing to the diminishing lifespan of your windows.  

2. Window Condensation Between Glass Panes

On certain cold days, you will often notice "sweat" on your windows. Excessive condensation may mean that your window's glazing is becoming less effective. As a result of failing seals, moisture can easily find its way between the glass panes, forming condensation.  

3. Increased Utility Bills

As an aged single pane window wears, miniature cracks and leaks begin to form between its frames. Moreover, once the air-tight seals between the frames and glass panes damage, it is time to replace your windows to get rid of the drafts in your home. Unfortunately, these cracks and small holes allow cold air to enter your home. Cold air strains your heating system, which increases utility bills.  

4. You Hear Increased Noises Outside

If all of a sudden your windows no longer provides you sufficient insulation from outside noises, chances are the seals or the insulation are no longer effective. If you live in a busy neighbourhood or next to a busy road, you may want to replace your windows with new triples or double-pane glass windows insulated with Argon gas.  

5. Window Frames Are Soft, Chipped, or Water Damaged

Check your windows if they are soft to touch or are chipped. If so, chances are they are beyond repair and need immediate replacement. Soft window frames indicate water and rotting infiltration. Moreover, damaged windows put your home at a security risk. They also expose your home to harsh weather-related damages. Another clear sign for when to replace windows is if repairs are no longer worth it. Have you repaired your windows several times and are tired of the high repair costs? Contact our professional window replacement experts in Kelowna for window replacement estimates.


Is Window Replacement Worth It?

Yes, it is. Window replacement is considered a better alternative to regular window repairs. Below are reasons why window replacement is worth doing:

It Increases Property Value

Window replacement projects are generally a massive investment. Prospective home buyers often get turned away by homes that will incur extra charges to renovate. Replacing your worn or torn windows adds your home value, significantly increasing your Return On Investment (ROI).

Increased Home Safety and Security

Stuck windows can be a nuisance and a safety hazard, especially if you are trying to escape an indoor fire or any dangers. New operable wood, vinyl, or fibreglass windows provide homeowners with greater safety. Their improved functionality can also benefit your family's safety. In addition, new windows come with enhanced security options, including advanced security sensors and updated locks, providing you with extra peace of mind.

Improved Home Efficiency

Replacing your windows can reduce wear on your HVAC, allowing you to save money by elevating your home's energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR licensed windows are designed to reduce utility costs, enhance your home's comfort, and protect the environment.

Noise Reduction

Replacing your windows can significantly reduce outdoor noise, resulting in peace of mind and a less stressful environment.

Increasing Aesthetic Appeal

At New Town, we provide homeowners with a wide variety of customizable window options. You can choose any window type that guarantees to increase your home appeal.


5 Important Things to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

Home Windows

Are you planning a window replacement project any time soon? Below are a few vital things to keep in mind before replacing the windows:
  1. Replacements Are Better than Repairs. In the long run, it is generally cheaper to replace your window than to repair them regularly.
  2. You are not stuck with the same window style. If you are replacing a window, our window experts can provide you with a variety of window types and styles. You can customize your window to suit your style, preference, and needs.
  3. Energy ratings of the windows matter if you are trying to save on utility costs.
  4. The installation experts matter as much as the window type you chose. Ensure you select a reliable window installation expert to guarantee quality installation and services
  5. You can replace your window at any time of the day or year.

Costs to Replace Windows

How much does it cost to replace windows? Window replacement costs range between $300 and $2,000 per window with an average of $800. Expect labour costs to be between $100 to $400. Different factors affect the cost of replacing a window fixture. These can include:
  • Material of the window you are installing
  • Size of the window
  • Design of the windows
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Coating
  • Warranty and certifications.
However, we are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate based on your specific needs.

Window Replacement Experts in Kelowna

Are you looking for a professional window replacement in Kelowna? New Town Windows & Doors is a leading window replacement company in Kelowna installing and replacing different types of windows. Some of the reasons why we are the best window experts include:
  1. A wide variety of windows. We install different types of windows for different homeowners. We can help you customize your window fixtures according to your needs and preferences
  2. 2. Affordable installations. We replace your windows at favourable rates without compromising on quality.

You can rely on us to replace window fixtures for your home regardless of the home size and window types. Our experts can also provide advise you on when is the appropriate time to replace your windows. Contact our window replacement experts for fast and affordable window services in Kelowna and surrounding areas.

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