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All You Need to Know About Installing French Doors

ByHarison Pyykko May 11, 2021

French doors are common in homes with patios, and they are an ideal option for combining elegance and functionality within a home. They are mainly designed with glass panes separated into various sections. Moreover, they are easy to install and provide a stylish barrier between two or more spaces. Are you considering installing French doors in Kelowna? This article explains everything you need to know about interior and exterior French doors and things to consider before installing French doors in Kelowna.


What are French Doors?

A French door style refers to a door style with dual sections that pivot on hinges placed on opposite sides of the door, framing, closing, and opening in the middle. The door sections are constructed with glass panes throughout the door's center. When both sections swing open, the entire doorway is an open space without a center post. They are popular since they allow more natural light into a room than the patio doors.     Front door to modern home


What is the Difference Between French Doors and Patio Doors?

Despite their similar functions, patio doors and French doors have distinct styles. French doors date back to the French Renaissance architecture, making them more suitable for vintage properties. Typically, double-hinged, French doors open inwards and outwards, allowing you full access to the opening or gap of the frame with which they are installed. They have a wider door frame compared to the sliding glass doors. Being able to access the full openings of the exterior French doors is great in smaller spaces or when opening into small gardens, where external and internal space is vital.     On the other hand, patio doors are modern in appearance and are suited for a modern, contemporary property. They are also referred to as sliding patio doors and are slid open and close, just as the name suggests. Compared to the French doors, sliding glass doors are designed to offer about 50% of the opening for access to the exterior. This limited access is because patio doors need to slide past each other in the frame, and only a single side can be fully open at a time. The glass panes in a patio door are usually unobstructed, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views. One door is usually stationary while the other slides open. Moreover, most patio doors feature a sliding screen door that gives you the option of leaving your door open without worrying about bugs.         Installed French door at front of house


Advantages of Installing French Doors in your Home

These advantages depend on the material you choose for your French doors. French doors offer a sufficient layer of insulation and divide. However, certain materials, such as steel and fibreglass, provide enhanced insulation than others, such as wood. Below are the general advantages of installing French doors:

1. More Light

French doors have the ability to open up a room or expose exterior light. This would only be possible be fibreglass French doors or doors with glass panels. Unfortunately, no light can get through wood, aluminum, or steel French doors. Light can make a room brighter and feel less closed-in, especially dining and living rooms.

2. Plenty of Designs

Homeowners considering home renovation projects have a wide range of French door designs to choose from. French doors come in different materials, ranging from steel, wood, and aluminum, to fibreglass and clad.

3. Installing French Doors Increase Home Value

Door replacements as part of home renovation projects are known to increase ROI significantly. Therefore, installing French doors is guaranteed to improve your home value regardless of the mildly scary high upfront costs.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

French doors are generally aesthetically pleasing, which is closely related to increased home value by adding appeal to your property. French doors are a high-class home installment.

5. French Doors Add the Element of Space

French doors tend to create the impression of a larger house. Since the panes on French doors are made of glass, the added visibility doesn't make the doors feel like an obstruction. Since both sides to a French door open without a center pole, it becomes easy, especially if you regularly shuffle heavy objects or furniture across rooms.

6. Easily Customizable

French doors are easily customizable, allowing you to create a nice fit for your home. As previously mentioned, they are available in made designs and options that you can choose from for customization.

7. The Extra-Wide Opening Allows for Increased Ventilation.

It goes without saying that French doors offer more ventilation that increases the flow of fresh air within your home.


Things to Consider When Installing French Doors in Kelowna

Before hiring a door installation company, you should consider a few factors. These help you choose the best option. They include:

Ambiance and Decor

Before installing a French door, check to ensure the interior decor matches the doors you want to install. French doors are also common for vintage-style homes and properties that create the proper ambiance. Most prefer to colour-coordinate their French doors with their exterior or interior decor

Material of the Door

French doors come in different materials. The material is important depending on where you live and the surrounding climate.

Cost of Installing French doors

Your budget should guide you on the type of French door installation you want. Avoid going over your budget, especially if the doors are not worth the value. An excellent professional door installation company should give you an honest and fair estimate before installing the doors for you.


Checking for the security level of your surrounding should help you determine if you want to install French doors or not. There is a common notion that French doors are not as secure. However, they offer a solid amount of security. However, some areas are prone to heavy burglary. You may have to consider an extra layer of security with your exterior French doors or not install them at all. Are you looking for a professional company to install French doors in Kelowna? New Town Windows and Doors is the leading company for your French door needs. Kelowna French doors have been around for decades. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, New Town Windows and Doors are qualified to install high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing French doors.

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