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Enjoying Kelowna: What You Need to Know About Sunspaces and Constructing Vinyl Windows In Your Home

ByHarison Pyykko March 10, 2020

Kelowna is probably one of the most scenic places to live at in the country. With a magnificent view of the Okanagan Lake and pine forests, it is no surprise that residents would want a sunspace in their homes to be able to constantly marvel at the view.

Constructing a sunspace at home, however, is not that simple. A sunspace can definitely improve the aesthetics of your home, but it can also hugely affect electricity consumption among others. Due to the lake nearby, Kelowna can have higher humidity than other places; this makes the human body feel greater heat than the actual weather temperature. Fortunately, to address this issue, a lot of companies recommend using vinyl windows for sunrooms.

Sunspace Vinyl Windows perform well under the Kelowna weather as provides energy efficiency, less condensation, and at some point, better noise reduction. The following are more of what you need to know about sunspaces and sunspace vinyl windows:  

Pros of Sunspace Vinyl Windows

Sunspace vinyl windows are one of the cheapest available materials in the market. But despite its low price, sunspace vinyl windows still guarantee durability and resistance to fading and degradation. Due to these features, sunspace vinyl windows are considered low maintenance.

Compared to wooden windows, sunspace vinyl windows generally have a better air tightness function. On the other hand, compared to aluminium windows, sunspace vinyl windows can guarantee less condensation, better insulation, noise reduction, and easier installation.

Cons of Sunspace Vinyl Windows

Sunspace vinyl windows offer quite a limited array of colors and designs. Unlike other window types, sunspace vinyl windows don’t match well with paint and don’t provide the classic aesthetic of wooden windows. This can come in as a huge deciding factor if you’re after interior design.

Benefits of a Sunspace

Having a sunspace at home is perfect for plant enthusiasts and nature lovers. It provides the opportunity to relish the beauty of nature under the comfort of your own home. Sunspaces can also provide a good view of the sky at night, an added benefit for space enthusiasts.

During winter season, sunspaces could be an excellent source of supplementary heat or better known as auxiliary heat (based on your thermostat). Generally, a sunspace can provide the illusion of a bigger home and a feel of better ventilation.   

Maintaining Sunspace Vinyl Windows

Like most windows, sunspace vinyl windows can be cleaned by using either a glass cleaner or a mild soap and water solution. Whether you are using a plain cloth or a glass wiper, make sure that material is soft to avoid scratching your vinyl windows. Aside from the glass itself, you should also pay attention to cleaning the window sills. Do this by removing dust or other small debris using a soft cloth or duster.

Other Things to Consider

Aside from material and aesthetics, here are more of what to consider when building your own sunspace:

Type – When looking for sunspace windows, you’ll come across categories like three-season and four-season. The main difference of these window types is the thermal and insulation capacity. Generally, three-season windows can provide a cooling sensation during hot days while four-season windows are more functional during winter because it can provide auxiliary heat.

Orientation – If you’re looking into getting the most sunlight as possible, it could be recommended to have your sunspace facing the south. South-facing sunspaces can provide the most heat during the winter. If you’re into shade, on the other hand, you might want to have your sunspace facing the north. This provides minimum exposure to direct sunlight and provides the most cooling effect during hot summer days.

Glazing – Glazing is the material that allows sunlight to enter your home – this could be glass, plastic, or screen. Vertical glazing is the more fitting glazing among current home designs; however, horizontal glazing is cheaper, stronger, and more functional. Nevertheless, glazing can influence clarity of the view and the amount of heat and sunlight that can enter your home.

Climate Control – Too much sunlight can be too overbearing for both plants and human home residents. In order to have climate control, you can consider adding shades, blinds, or movable windows to your sunspace. However, if passive climate control is not available, there are advanced models of fans (with thermostat functions) that can help manage temperature and regulate airflow in your sunspace.

Building Your Dream Sunspace

Home renovation can definitely be a huge decision since it would require a lot of time, money, and energy. If you’re set on building your own sunspace, make sure to consult professionals in order to have functional guidance on how you can turn your dream sunspace into a reality. Window installation is commonly not something that you can do yourself. Asking for the help of professionals can hugely affect the durability and performance of your sunspace.