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“What You Need to Know About Average Cost of Vinyl Windows and Installation “

ByHarison Pyykko May 18, 2020

Windows can be one of the least noticeable fixtures in a home. Because a window is a staple in every home, they tend to practically look the same. There could be a difference in size and view but essentially, for non-experts, it is easy to look pass a window. Because of this, even home owners themselves can be guilty of overlooking this specific part of their house.

Some may not immediately notice the need for window replacement and repair but this can be critical when it comes to the costing of the needed remedy. With the costing at mind, vinyl windows are a safe and easy choice when it comes to windows. It is one of the cheapest existing materials costing from $600 to $1400, as compared to its metal and wood counterparts which could range from $1000 to $2000.

To get a clearer idea on the cost of window installation or replacement, below are some of the biggest factors that affect the costing:

  1. Type of Installation – Basically, there are two types of installation. The first one is retrofit installation which means that you’re putting a new window into an already existing one, keeping the old jambs and frames in place. The other type of installation is brick-to-brick or full-frame installation. As the name states, full-frame installation means replacing the whole thing and starting from scratch, replacing the window, frame, jambs, and even the sills.

Naturally, retrofit installation is cheaper than brick-to-brick as it requires less labor. Retrofit installation may cost from $400 to $900 while full-frame installation can cost half or twice as much. However, if the purpose of changing the window is switching to a different material for energy efficiency, a brick-by-brick installation can be worth its cost as you will be able to save electricity cost in the long run.

  • Size and Location – Naturally, the bigger the window, the more expensive the cost is, factoring the material and labor cost. The following are the average cost of windows depending on size and location:
Location Minimum Estimated Cost Maximum Estimated Cost
Basement $380 $1650
Kitchen $590 $2350
Bedroom $620 $1650
Living Room $1650 $4680
  • Type of Window – Windows can be classified depending on its operability. Each type of window may entail a different price. The following are the six basic types of windows, their descriptions, and the corresponding estimated cost:
  • Casement Window – A casement window can swing inwards and outwards like a door. Casement windows usually swing outwards and have a lock inside for security. The price of a casement window can range from $350 to $1850 each.
  • Double Hung Window – A double hung window has two sashes that are both operable. This type of window provides the most climate control and costs around $300 to $1000 each.
  • Single Hung Window – A single hung window also has two sashes, however, compared to double hung, only one sash can be opened. This window is cheaper than double hung and costs around $230 to $560 each.
  • Slider Window – A slider window also has two sashes with only one operable sash. However, compared to a single hung window, a slider window can be opened by sliding one sash rather than pushing or pulling outwards or inwards. This is the best window choice if there is limited space and costs around $220 to $1500 each.
  • Bay Window – A bay or bow window is composed of three fixed windows positioned together to extend outwards and has an estimated cost of $1400 to $5900.
  • Material – At first glance, it is easy to determine which material is cheaper than the other. However, it is important to take note of the costs that the material can incur in the long run. A material may be cheap in terms of installation, but it may also cause greater energy consumption and frequent repairs. The following are the average cost of windows per material:
Material Minimum Estimated Cost Maximum Estimated Cost
Metal $500 $1500
Vinyl $600 $1600
Wood $1000 $1800
Composite $1300 $2000

Additional Things to Consider

Like any other product or service, you’ll be able to avail of bigger savings if you avail of more products and services. It can be understandable to do installation a little at a time but this will entail greater costs. If you’re eyeing for bigger savings, it may be smart to replace all the needed windows at the same time.

Moreover, when undergoing renovation, it is important to determine if you need to secure a building permit first or not. For most cities in Canada, a building permit is required if you’re building an entirely new window out of a wall or if you’re installing a window bigger than what was previously installed.

Lastly, when doing renovation, it is important to consult your trusted service provider whenever possible. Because construction is their forte, they will be able to provide the best professional advice when it comes to design, material, costing, and putting your ideas into reality. With a good service provider, you can be sure that they can do the job properly to ensure proper function and durability of your windows.