choosing new doors for your home

What to Consider When Choosing New Doors for Your Home

ByHarison Pyykko June 24, 2020

The doors in your house say a lot about the entirety of your property. You may have a modern, sophisticated looking house, but if your front door doesn’t match the exterior of your property or if the bedroom doors aren’t complementing your home’s interior design, your house wouldn’t be as perfect as it should be. Whether you’re constructing a new home or renovating an old property, choosing new doors is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of considerations you need to keep in mind and decisions you need to make to be able to identify the right doors for your home. This article will walk you through the different door types and door styles you need to know to make the smartest decision about choosing the best doors for your home.

Before Choosing New Doors

While it may seem fun and easy to go shopping for residential doors, it’s not only about selecting which one looks good or which one is crafted well. Here are some questions you need to answer with your contractor and/or construction team before getting new doors for your home.
  • Where will the new doors be used for? Aside from the front door and bedroom doors, will I need doors for the patio, backyard, basement, attic, and other parts of the house?
  • What door types are available and what is the best kind that fits the overall look and design of my home?
  • What materials should I consider and choose for my new doors? Should they all be the same?
  • Will the doors swing inward or outward? Or perhaps should I get a sliding door?
  • What types of locks and door accessories do I need?
  • Are there specific brands or models of doors that I need to consider?
  • What door companies can help install new doors in my home?
These questions should serve as your guide in choosing new or replacement doors for the interior and exterior sections of your home.

Different Door Types to Consider

There are various types of doors available in the market that are ready to be installed in your house. However, you may also opt to have them constructed from scratch, depending on your need or preferences. These are the common types of doors you can look at.

1. Timber or Wood Doors

Wooden doors are the most common and popular type of door in the market because of the local availability of timber and the ease of construction by local carpenters. Because of these, timber or wood doors are also usually cheaper than other door types. While you can install wooden doors in any part or room in the house, they are commonly placed for exterior locations.

2. Glass Doors

Glass doors, as their name suggests, are made of glass. While there are front doors that feature paneled glass, normally they are installed at the back or side part of the house to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the patio, garden, and backyard. Many patio doors are made of glass for a more elegant and attractive look.

3. Steel and Metal Doors

Another material you can use for new doors is steel or other types of metal. Metal doors have been popular for many years now because of their strong and durable property, making them a decent alternative for interior and exterior doors if you're looking for optimum protection. While an all-steel door is often used in warehouses or garages, residential doors often come with steel frames combined with wood panels.

4. Flush Doors

Often used in residential homes, condominiums, offices, and hotels, a flush door features entirely smooth texture as it is made from plywood or medium-density fiberboard. The smoothness of the door comes from repairing over a relatively light wood frame, while the hollow core is often filled with a cardboard core product. The frames are usually constructed using wood or steel, which hold their weight and provide enough strength for movement. This type of doors is popular because of its affordability, attractive look, resiliency, and availability in the market.

Selecting the Best Doors for Your Home

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, choosing new doors for your home isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many factors to consider and crucial decisions to make, especially if you want the best doors for your property. The advice and guidance of professionals, including architects, construction personnel, and door specialists can help you choose the right doors that will not only match the look of your home but provide your needs for security and protection. Our door experts at New Town Windows & Doors is always available should you need to get new doors for your property.

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