Kelowna Window Replacement and New Window Glass

Kelowna Window Replacement and New Window Glass

ByHarison Pyykko December 18, 2019

window replacement kelowna

Window Replacement or New Glass Windows

One of the first decisions a homeowner must make is between new and replacement windows. Here's the difference:

New Windows

New windows are installed when the homeowner would like to change shape or the size of the current window opening and place a completely new window in its place. While new windows generally do not cost more than replacement windows, the price is added to buy the extra labor. The big advantage of new windows is you have the choice to alter the overall look completely and the feel of your home both inside and out.

Replacement Windows

window replacement involves replacing your current windows with new windows or sash that are designed to fit and removing the old windows without disturbing the surrounding trim or frame. Window replacements are a great option when the trim is attractive and fits the home's decor or when the present frame is still in good shape. The savings on labor costs are useful when budgeting is a consideration. Depending on the manufacturer, replacement windows can be a stock size, or they can easily be custom. The four most popular and basic kinds are hung windows.

Single Hung or Double-Hung Windows: These are one of the most common windows that are found in most houses. They consist of two separate sashes (the real pane of glass in the inner frame), which close or open by sliding up or down. When you reduce the sash, double-hung windows are ideal for creating airflow throughout the home. They are suited to all types of homes as they stop the danger of a child climbing out the window, where there are children.

Casement Windows: These windows open by swinging out and consist of one big sash that's hinged vertically.

Awning Windows: These windows open by tilting the window out from the bottom and are hinged at the top. Awning windows create the appearance of an awning when open, as its name implies. These windows are in and popular in bathrooms for coastal regions.

Slider Windows: These windows slide and are an exceptional choice when there's limited space outside open and from side to side. The window materials now are vinyl or wood. Additionally, there are variations, including wood clad windows. Aluminum frame windows are available but are popular sine they aren't as energy efficient as wood or vinyl.

Wood Windows: Wood is both beautiful and has great insulating properties to withstand cold and heat. Besides staining or painting, wood windows have to be treated to protect them from moisture, motion, and rot.

Vinyl Windows: Like their cousin vinyl fencing, vinyl windows are becoming among the choices that are most popular among homeowners. Vinyl is reasonably priced, provides excellent insulation, is virtually maintenance-free, and looks great. This gives the maintenance-free feature that makes vinyl hot while giving the beauty and natural feel of wood.

Choosing Window Glass

Next, you must choose the type of glass for your windows. Recent advancements in technology have significantly expanded the options available in window glass. The attractiveness of impact-resistant glass is that under extreme weather conditions, it holds up beautifully. And of course, the occasional stray baseball won't leave you to clean up.


Window Quality

When your tried and true guideline is that you get what you pay for. It is imperative to select a window that will provide energy savings, ease of use, and maintenance that is easy to maintain over time.

Window Warranties

Carefully analyze the warranties offered by the window producers regarding the glass itself, since fogging between the panes is a common complaint on glass windows. Companies that have been around for some time are likely to be in the future should your window have problems or need replacement parts or sash.

Selecting a Window Contractor

There are many ways to get a window installation contractor in Kelowna and the Okanagan, but your best option is to select the window you want first and then start looking for a local installer who is trained by this manufacturer.

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