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Everything You Need To Know About Patio Doors

ByHarison Pyykko June 4, 2020

Having a patio in your home gives you the special opportunity to spend activities with your family and friends in an outdoor setting against a lush green backdrop of fresh garden plants and flowers. Dining, playing games, or just listening to relaxing music or simply chatting over coffee with them are moments to be cherished. They are especially helpful in letting you unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Patio doors are designed to open to lead you to your patio area; you close them for privacy control and protect you from extreme weather conditions while providing you energy efficiency. You need to choose the best patio door that will suit your special space.

Hinged Doors or Sliding Doors?

In planning what type of door you need to install for your patio, first check the installation area you have.

Hinged Doors

Conventional doors open and close through a hinged connection to a wall. Though they are the most common type of installation for many doors in the house, they present a few design limitations. When being opened, the door requires a substantial swing area especially when the swing is inward, which is the more preferred direction. It is difficult to fully open it when the area close to the wall near the door hinges is not clear of furniture and fixtures. Bifold patio doors are a design variation of hinged doors. When open, the vertical panels can be folded and stacked neatly indoors or outdoors and close flat for a seamless look.

Sliding Doors

When space limitation is a concern, sliding doors are a perfect solution. Sliding doors are placed close to the wall immediately adjacent to the door opening. They slide along a track to close or open – towards the door opening to close and into the side to open. They are popular door types for patios.

Patio Door Options

After you have determined the door suited to your area, you can consider the type of patio doors you need and prefer, based on their properties and characteristics. Note that the options of patio odors we shall be discussing are all primarily glass patio doors with frames made of different materials that give them their names. The following are the most popular modern patio doors available in the market:

Vinyl Patio Doors

A vinyl patio door is a door with its frame consisting of vinyl while the panel is usually made of glass. One of the most common options for patios, vinyl patio doors are durable, do not corrode, and are cost-effective. They are often used as sliding doors especially when space is limited. You can match the style and design of your home through colourful exterior frames with tinted glass and customised metallic interior handles as options.

Black Framed Patio Doors

A hot trend right now because of their stunning impact, they are black framed sliding glass doors. Black framed patio doors maximise their visual value when the interior and exterior frames match. Their look is impressive when used for contemporary and Farmstyle homes.

Moving Glass Walls

Moving glass walls are glass patio doors that can let you enjoy indoor-outdoor living to the max. Since it is primarily glass, you can facilitate bringing natural daylight in and enjoy a sweeping outdoor view even when closed. These sliding glass doors open easily, inviting you to linger outside. Moving glass wall options with aluminum and aluminum-clad wood frames are available.

Wooden Doors

Wood patio doors offer beauty, warmth, and design flexibility while providing exceptional energy efficiency. Used as either sliding, hinged or bifold patio doors, wood patio doors are customisable. You can go for authentic wood or modern design in a variety of external colours. The detailed craftsmanship they can be made with makes them special and stunning.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass patio doors are beautiful and designed to last. They are energy efficient and have minimal expansion with temperature changes. Extremely strong, they resist rotting and need low maintenance. They can be textured to mimic fresh wood finish like oak, fir, and mahogany doors. Fiberglass doors can be enjoyed as sliding doors or swing doors.

Aluminum Doors

Their sleek modern design makes aluminum patio doors popular. They have very narrow frames that can maximise the amount of glass in the door. Easy to maintain, they can also be less expensive than other door frame materials. They are available in limited colour options – white, clear anodised and bronze anodised. Thermally improved aluminum patio doors are available are an option for enhanced energy efficiency.

Considerations in Choosing Patio Doors

Consider the following when deciding on the best option for your patio door:
  • The patio door must be able to withstand the rate of usage – constant opening and closing.
  • Ensure that your wall the patio door will be attached to can bear the load from the door.
  • Check your available space whether hinged doors or sliding glass doors are more appropriate to install.
  • The patio door should suit the aesthetic makeup up of your house.
  • The door frame and glass properties and dimensions must meet safety requirements and provide energy efficiency.
Your patio doors should be installed by experienced professional patio door service provider, without which your sliding glass doors or swing doors may not perfectly give you the benefits you expect and deserve. If you are planning to install a new patio door or replace an old one, call our experts at New Town Windows and Doors and we'd be happy to help you with your any door or window project.

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