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10 Warning Signs that You Need a Replacement Door

ByHarison Pyykko June 17, 2020

Some homeowners take the improvement of their homes for granted after their property that had been built seems to look good, and are continuously being used.

Door Service Life

The structures in your home like doors have certain useful or service life when they should be replaced or undergo door renovation, if still possible. By forgoing the opportunity to have your old and malfunctioning doors replaced, you are allowing your family to spend unnecessarily on higher energy bills and be exposed to potential threats. You are ignoring the very reasons you installed your doors in the first place – for protection, safety, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and enhanced value. If your door is no longer able to fulfill any of these functions, it is time to replace it.

10 Warning Signs that You Need a Door Replacement

The following telltale signs will remind you that you need a door replacement immediately.

1. Your door drags along the floor or difficult to open.

This problem isn’t just inconvenient and annoying. It is also an indication of a more severe or worsening problem so you need to take a serious look at it. A slight alignment problem during door installation that is progressing or a door that could have shifted over time due to weather exposure are two of the most common causes of the problem. Other possible causes include metal and wood doors that expand and contract with changes in temperature and rain or snow that can also cause warping or rotting of your doors. All these can also lead to damaged floors and problems with locking and securing the doors. In the case of sliding and screen doors, bad rollers or damaged frames may be causing the difficult movement of doors in their tracks when opening or closing them. In some instances only the rollers can be replaced; in many cases though, a sliding door replacement is necessary.

2. Your door makes noise.

Another bothersome problem that is a sign there is a problem that may need a door replacement is a creaking noise from the door and squeaking hinges. Worn down hinges are strong indicators that the door itself is wearing down.

3. You experience a draft.

Drafts coming from your doors are a revealing telltale sign it is time for replacement doors. The door seals that can crack or shrink as it ages are a common likely cause for such an issue. If you notice temperature changes and an upsurge in your utility bills, check for drafts around your doors. If you feel the hot or cold air as you stand close to your door, it is time to act; door replacement is in order.

4. Light comes through, under, or around your doors.

Similar to experiencing drafts, light getting through your doors indicates that a substantial amount of heat or cool air gets into and out of your home as well. And that is tantamount to throwing your money out. Possible causes for this problem are gaps and leaks in your doors or poor door insulation. You need to look into getting your doors changed if this issue does not let you keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

5. There are visible signs of wear and cracks, and rust.

Wear and cracks can affect most types of doors while rust and corrosion are prevalent with metal doors. They are not just eyesores, but also apparent signs that the door is structurally weak, which a safety concern.

6. Your door cannot provide security for your house.

If it obvious that your doors are not strong enough to reasonably deter intruder entry and provide any sort of security, it simply tells you that replacement doors should be your top priority.

7. Your door has sustained significant damage.

Weather events and vandals can cause insurmountable damage to your doors making them less functional and eyesores. While door renovation may be looked at if feasible, new door installation is always the safest option. You should also make sure that your doors are solid and strong enough to deal with weather events like hurricanes.

8. Pests creep into your house through your doors.

If you see many spiders, ants, cockroaches, lizards, and other small insects becoming regular visitors in your house, they are likely to be entering through your doors; your doors may not be closing properly or have large gaps.

9. Your door suffered some insect and fungi damage.

Termites can infest your wood doors and break then down gradually, compromising the structural integrity of your doors. Door replacement becomes obvious while your house needs termite treatment. Differently, fungi can attack wood doors. It is especially common in more wet areas like the Pacific Northwest.

10. Your door is out of style.

Upgrade your doors to keep them in style, add curb appeal, and enhance the value of your home. Replacement doors cost a fraction of the value they will add to your property. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take great care of your residential doors including door renovation and door replacement so they last for years. Get your old and dysfunctional doors replaced by licensed and insured contractors that can expertly handle the job. Contact us. We are door installation professionals with 15 years of experience serving the Kelowna area. We have a wide range of replacement doors you can choose from.

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