installing energy-efficient windows

6 Advantages of Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

ByHarison Pyykko November 24, 2020

Windows significantly impact both the design and curbside value of one’s property. It is not surprising that the aesthetic aspect is the major consideration of many homeowners in the choice of their best windows. Efficient windows are commonly described as being able to provide good ventilation, lighting, and protection. They are usually the secondary criteria in their selection decision. Energy efficiency is frequently hardly thought of when they plan their home’s window replacement. Energy efficiency is just as important as appearance and other factors commonly considered in the new installation or replacement of windows. A standard window can be a thermal hole that can cause your home to lose up to 30% of its heating or cooling energy. It is almost like leaving your windows open as you are heating up or cooling your home inside. Windows play a major part in preventing energy waste and your home’s reduction of CO2 emission.

Energy-Efficient Windows

The reason energy efficiency seldom figures in the homeowners' window installation plan is the lack of knowledge of what truly efficient windows are. To them, windows look the same and one type is just as efficient as the other. To help clarify what energy efficiency in windows means, let us look at some of the window technology and features found with these efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows are the best windows you can have for your home. They have been designed for the most optimum thermal performance to provide you maximum benefits any time of the year. The factors that are considered in achieving energy efficient windows include the use of energy efficient glass, their installation, and placement in your home.

Energy-Efficient Glass

A few things can be designed into the window glass to create thermally efficient windows. They can be made low-E, specially coated, multi-paned to produce double pane windows and triple pane windows, and filled with gas to enhance insulation. The use of low-emissivity glass, also known as low-E glass, can block 90% of the sun’s UV rays and keep the heat inside when it is cold, and maintains coolness inside when it is hot. Glazing options such as tints, gas fills, and reflective coatings can also greatly help. Multiple panes of glass are used to design efficient windows with improved thermal performance as in the double pane windows and triple pane windows. Double pane windows insulate almost twice as well as single pane windows. Triple pane windows deliver maximized energy efficiency, being able to block up to 97% UV rays. Filling the space between the insulated glass with Krypton or inert Argon gas improves the windows’ insulating properties and further reduces heat transfer. The right efficiency for your windows should be determined based on where in the house the windows will be installed and your region or geographic location.

Advantages of Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

Making home energy efficiency improvement one of the top reasons to choose to replace or update your old windows offers you lots of benefits. 1. Increased Comfort The best windows should make you comfortable year-round. Energy efficient windows reflect summer heat and retain interior cooling. In winter, they reflect cold while retaining interior heat. The result is an effective interior temperature control that can keep you cooler in the hot summer season and warmer in the winter. 2. Improved Air Quality The ability to effectively control interior temperature can improve the air quality in your home. You get the ideal humidity and can also have minimal condensation. 3. Cost Savings By avoiding waste of energy on thermal holes, your efficient windows help lower your energy consumption and save on your heating and cooling costs. Some estimate puts the losses from inefficient windows to be one-third of the money spent on heating and air conditioning. 4. Block Harmful UV Rays The low-E glass, double pane windows, or triple pane windows you install greatly prevents the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays as they provide you additional comfort. By blocking the UV rays, you can avoid fade damage to your fabrics, floorings, and other belongings that they usually cause. 5. Greater Durability The excellent insulation performance of your windows also lets them avoid the effects of exposure to extreme temperatures that can improve their durability. 6. Improve CO2 Emission By reducing your energy consumption, you improve your home’s CO2 emission-reducing your carbon footprint. It can let you contribute to the efforts in helping save the environment. Aesthetically appealing, highly functional, and most of all, energy efficient windows are the best windows you can have for your home, giving you the total benefits effective windows are supposed to provide. Want to know more about making your home more energy-efficient through window installation? Contact us at New Town Windows and Doors. Being windows experts, we can help you determine the right windows you need for your type of home. Call us for a free consultation.

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