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Your Guide to Replacing Commercial Windows

ByHarison Pyykko November 29, 2020

Sometimes, replacing your existing commercial windows is no longer an option but necessary. When you have to give your commercial building a transformation to improve business, one of the major improvements you can do is replace your old or damaged windows. Using advanced commercial glass technology is also a smart solution to improve your energy efficiency, operating costs, and net value. You can likewise address safety and health concerns you may have with the windows upgrade. New window technology has dramatically advanced in the last decade. Revolutionary improvements in commercial glazing and window performance as a whole have developed. Commercial glass is stronger, more energy-efficient, and find applications in more window styles. New technology such as UV coating, gas fills, and improved barriers in commercial glazing, are now available. Frame materials have likewise been enhanced and used in many durable windows such as vinyl and aluminum windows. If your commercial windows have not been replaced in the last 25 years, you may have single-pane wood or aluminum windows installed on your property. These types of windows lose up to 30% of your building’s heat through leaks. Double pane windows that have been installed 10 years ago are now far inferior in insulation to today’s double glazed window with UV tinting and gas fill.

Common Reasons to Replace Commercial Windows

Aside from the advancements in commercial glazing and the prevalence of more efficient windows such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum windows, these are very important reasons you need immediate replacement of your commercial windows. 1. Damage: Window frame damage, cracked or missing panes, draft, and water damage are strong reasons that warrant window replacement. A yearly assessment of your structures against symptoms of inefficient windows should be done to check if any repair or replacement is needed. 2. Energy Efficiency: When your energy costs are running out of control, your windows may be the culprit. Windows account for significant losses in commercial buildings. Single pane windows with no Low-E coatings applied that have not been replaced in the last 25 years are inefficient. They most likely account for roughly 33% of energy loss. By upgrading your old windows you can improve heating and cooling costs by 10-40%. 3. Condensation: Condensation between glass panes is a symptom of failed seals. If it is experienced on a large part of your property, then replacement is necessary. 4. Compliance with Energy Requirements: You need to comply with new energy conservation targets for commercial buildings required by municipalities. 5. Improve Soundproofing: New technology can reduce noise transmission by as much as 95%. 6. Improve Functionality: You can replace less functional old windows such as fixed windows with operable double-hung or casement windows to make them more functional. 7. Enhance Your Property’s Aesthetics: Modern commercial glass windows can make an aging property’s building exterior look newer, cleaner, and more inviting. 8. Reduce Maintenance: Upgrading to newer windows can result in maintenance tickets reduction and staff dealing with difficult to operate windows

Factors to Consider in Windows Replacement

When planning your commercial windows replacement, you should consider the following factors: 1. Identify the scope of the project. Expect larger pricing breaks from your commercial window service provider for larger projects. You can realize most savings when the entire project can be purchased at one time. 2. Consider multiple suppliers. Multiple suppliers will allow you to avail of the best and most cost-efficient provider of services for the different aspects of your window project. 3. Consider window code requirements.
  • Plan to comply with structural requirements.
  • Consider any jurisdictions and the allowance for the window opening.
  • Hurricane and impact windows are required in coastal areas. This is stringent and must be met.
  • Tempered commercial glass is required – when installed next to doors or close to the walking surface and stairwells.
  • Energy requirements from the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB 2015) must be complied with.
  • Permits are usually not required if the window is replaced in-kind. It is always important to check.
4. Review your contractor's experiences. Choose a contractor experienced in commercial glazing that can complete simple projects in one day to avoid disruptions to business and customers. Check the quality of work of your potential contractor by visiting one of their past projects. You can also ask for valuable insights from the owners of the building. 5. Ensure safety and efficiency of the installation. This is the most important consideration that should be given close attention. By choosing a trusted commercial window specialists, you can be confident that their installation will be safe, smooth, and seamless. 6. Monitor proper disposal. Ensure the contractor follows safety procedures in disposing of broken glass and debris from the project.

Why Commercial Windows Should be Replaced?

1. It reduces energy costs. Replacement windows on average help reduce energy costs by 10 – 40 percent depending on the windows that need replacement. 2. It reduces operating costs and improves asset value. Energy costs are a primary contributor to net operating expenses – 2 to 33 percent, according to Energy Star. 3. It increases customer comfort coming from access to natural light and fresh air and stable ambient temperatures. 4. It reduces turnover rates in commercial space that are rented out. 5. It enhances soundproofing. Noise from the street, airport, and other environmental noise are reduced significantly. 6. Your building’s façade is revitalized. New Town Windows and Doors can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals and get the benefits from new technology windows through our commercial windows replacement service. We can design and install a wide range of windows including vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum windows. Contact us to know how we can be of help.

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