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Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Painted Windows

ByHarison Pyykko November 7, 2020

It pays to keep your windows clean and well maintained all the time. Keeping them looking clean can go a long way in maintaining their longevity to continue to provide your home the protection against the elements such as winds, rain, snow, and dust. You will maintain the aesthetics of your home and its value. Window paint delivers strong protection to the window. It seals out the moisture preventing the frames and trims from deterioration, rotting, or corrosion. Painted windows such as wood windows, steel windows, and aluminum windows require special attention compared to vinyl and fiberglass windows, which are generally not painted.

Painted Windows

Premium exterior gloss paint, either oil or acrylic is the best window paint used for exterior wood windows chosen for their high-shine finish that is easy to clean and hard-wearing. For interior wood window frames and trim, high-quality latex gloss paint is the preferred window paint. Spray paint adheres well and goes on quickly to metal windows such as steel and aluminum. Vinyl windows are seldom painted. Fiberglass windows are commonly colored windows that have a powder coating. It is bonded to the surface with heat and pressure, making the finish nearly indestructible. It is durable, does not fade, and maintenance-free. The more elegant look of black windows and colored windows make them a popular choice. More expensive than regular white frames, these windows result in a more visually appealing look. An upgrade to black windows or colored windows is quickly noticeable in any home. Black windows are timeless providing the perfect frame for your view. Although a big trend nowadays, they have been around for a long time. They create a strong connection with the outdoors as well as blend your outdoor and indoor spaces. Both black windows and colored windows work well with white or light-colored walls creating a strong contrast.

How to Clean and Maintain Painted Windows

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your painted windows will prevent serious staining and premature deterioration. Follow these pointers to maintain the look of your window paint and overall home fresh.

Tips on Cleaning

  1. Clean the windows first before the frames. Doing otherwise, dirt will drip from the windows onto the frames, causing you to clean the frames twice.
  2. Start wiping the windows from the top to prevent dirt from digging into the cleaner portions. Wipe the frame with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth to ensure that there are no water stains. Avoid using any wet material to wipe wooden frames. Moisture may lead to rotting and damage to the windows and the wooden finishing.
  3. Do not use cleaning media such as abrasive cleanser or any type of chemical solvents in cleaning your windows; they can scratch the surface materials and damage them. They will result in the loss of luster and shine of your windows.
  4. You may use special cleaners in the market for aluminum-framed windows that are not damaging.
  5. Heavier dirt accumulations in windows of homes that are prevalent to strong winds, sand, or dust will require more cleaning and care. This dirt can be removed with an approved cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions that consist of alcohol/water mixtures are also helpful.

Tips on Maintenance

  1. Inspect the clean frames for damages such as cracks and peeled window paint. Also, check for mildew growth. Windows with these problems require refinishing.
  2. Windows with major damage may need to be repaired or replaced. Do not attempt to do the work yourself if you want to retain your windows’ original fine condition. It is best to assign window repair and replacement jobs to professionals.
  3. Mildew and old paint can be removed by sanding the frames with a fine-grit sandpaper. To get into corners, use an angled sanding sponge.
  4. It is advisable to re-paint the windows and frames regularly especially as you notice the window paint beginning to peel or chip away. Clean and dry the surface of the material thoroughly before starting to paint.
  5. Fix any gap that can cause water or air leakage. Use caulk or rubber-foam insulation as a temporary fix until a more lasting solution like major repair or replacement, when necessary, can be done.
  6. Lubricate the nuts, bolts, and other moving parts to avoid rust and any creaking sound and let them last longer. It is important to lubricate the contact points of the windows before the onset of harsh weather conditions like summer and winter.
Keeping your painted windows clean and well maintained will let you enjoy the appearance of your home as well as the security provided by your windows for a long time. For any questions with the proper maintenance of your windows, installation, and other window services, contact the window professionals, New Town Windows and Doors. We can install any window type and style of your preference including colored windows. 

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