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Window Care Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Your Windows

ByHarison Pyykko June 27, 2020

Many homeowners and business owners often neglect windows when it comes to maintenance and regular cleaning. Just because they are some of the parts of the house that require the least maintenance, does not mean they should be left unchecked for too long. It does not take too much effort to clean and check on your windows regularly. Trust us, the benefits far outweigh the tiny effort you will be exerting to maintain clean and functional windows.

Why Clean Your Windows Regularly?

Clean and well-maintained windows reflect positively on your home or commercial space, and they provide so many benefits. Different window types perform different functions. No matter what window type you have, proper cleaning and maintenance will surely pay off in the long run. Here are the benefits of having clean and regularly maintained windows:

1. It increases your windows’ longevity.

By preventing the build-up of grime, acid rain, and other corrosive materials, you can prevent wear and tear, which may eventually lead to irreparable damage that may require window replacement.

2. It makes your house more attractive.

The best windows and doors give the impression that the house is new, much like a clean and well-maintained home. The curb appeal improves greatly, which can increase the resale value of your house.

3. It enables you to breathe cleaner air.

Your windowsills can accumulate dust, bacteria, and mold, which may affect the quality of the air you breathe. Maintaining their cleanliness can improve the air quality inside your house.

4. It improves your house’s insulation.

Dirty windows and sills can block the sunlight, which can make your interiors feel cold and chilly. Blocked window gaskets and broken panes can decrease sound and heat insulation as well.

5. It gives you a better and unobstructed view of the outdoors.

The best windows are the ones that let the light in and allow you to see the outside view; dirty ones rob you from these experiences while you’re in your house. Furthermore, dirty commercial windows prevent your customers from seeing your products and business.

Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Your Windows

There are a lot of ways to keep your windows clean and well-maintained. Most homeowners opt for vinyl windows and doors for minimal maintenance effort but these types still require some care and attention every once in a while. Here are some tips to remember:
  • Wash and inspect them at least every six months in a place with relatively stable weather conditions. In more temperate climates, check your windows before and after a storm, and prepare them before the cold season comes. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a damaged window when the storm season or cold season comes.
  • When inspecting, thoroughly check for cracks in the glass, water damage, rotting frames, condensation in between panes, gaps, slits that indicate faulty sealants, gaskets, and caulking. If you see any damage that you can easily fix, like caulking, do it immediately. However, for some damages such as condensation, cracks, and rot, it would be best to call professionals to perform replacement and installation.
  • Don’t use abrasive materials and harsh formulas when cleaning your windows. A mild detergent, window wash or water, and vinegar solution will do the job so much better than cleaners with paint thinners and bleach as the latter can damage the materials of your window. Don’t use high-pressure window washers and tools that are abrasive so as not to break or scratch the glass.
  • Before cleaning the window frame and glass, lift the dry dust and dirt first by sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner. This will prevent the water from mixing with the dirt, which will make a much bigger mess than when you started.
  • Use a mixture of mild soap and water, or any other mild window cleaner and put it in a spray bottle. Use generously when cleaning the frame and the glass. Make sure to wipe the glass using non-abrasive, streak-free materials like sponge brush or microfiber cloth. Do not let the water run down the frame as it might damage the window, so dry it down quickly.
  • You defeat the purpose of cleaning your windows if you have dirty window screens, so make sure to pay attention to cleaning them as much as cleaning the windows themselves.
Different window types require more specific maintenance and cleaning process. For minimal maintenance, opt for vinyl windows as they don’t warp, crack, or rot, and cleaning is a lot easier. If you’re thinking of replacing your windows and doors, visit New Town Windows and Doors, for professional installation of the best windows that will require the least effort in maintenance and cleaning.

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