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Top 5 Advantages of Installing Milgard Windows at Your Home

ByHarison Pyykko June 14, 2020

Buying windows solely for their price and availing them from a random windows supplier can put you in a lot of trouble especially after the products have been installed. You risk dealing with an unreliable or worse, fly-by-night supplier. There is a big chance you will run into a great many potential problems. Quality defects, poor window functioning, and reliability performance are just some of the product-related issues you may encounter within a short period of the windows’ installation. When these things happen, the supposed cost-benefit you expect is eroded and you even end up spending far more compared to a more expensive quality window from a top supplier, with rework or replacement windows. Do things right the first time. Have your windows sourced from a trustworthy supplier and installed by a reputable professional windows contractor.

Consideration in Choosing Window Brands

Consider all the important criteria in your selection of the best window brand for your home. You may prioritise one or a few of them which you value most, but do not neglect your other needs. Homeowners should include the following factors in their decision-making: replacement costs which include the cost of the product and the average local prices to install the window; energy-efficient options; window styles offered; and window frame types.

Milgard Windows

Milgard Windows and Doors is among the top manufacturers of quality windows in the industry. It is well known for its beautiful custom, energy-efficient windows, including vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum windows for new construction, replacement, and remodel. Experts and authority in windows, with more than 50 years of experience, Milgard has been delivering a beautiful selection of styles, frames, and materials that can brighten any home. Milgard windows are designed to make a bold statement in any home. The company offers six different window lines with a variety of styles and functions to choose from.
  • Style Line® series. A clean design and a quality vinyl window that is very affordable.
  • Aluminum series. Light and thin with the hallmarks of aluminum durability.
  • Trinsic series. A contemporary vinyl window with the maximum available viewable glass area.
  • Tuscany® series. Our top of the line vinyl window with premium features, an elegant style, and exceptional performance.
  • Ultra series. Strong and beautiful, durable fiberglass windows are built to last.
  • Quiet Line series. The triple pane provides exceptional sound control in the busiest environments.

Advantages of Milgard Window Installation

Milgard windows are an ideal choice for any property. Here are some of the advantages you will get if you choose to go with Milgard.

1. Unmatched quality

Quality is the Milgard windows’ foremost advantage. The company’s pursuit of excellence and performance has allowed it to produce perfect quality windows that are benchmarks in the industry. Milgard windows are consistently ranked among the top 3 window brands for their quality and overall performance.

2. Variety

Milgard windows offer a wide variety of a variety of styles and functions and various window frame materials. Their 6 window lines may be available as horizontal slider windows, single-hung or double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, picture windows, and specialty windows such as radius windows, bay & bow windows, jalousie windows, and garden windows. They have also been designed to suit different pricing options for customers – from mid-range to high-end.

3. Cost

Several factors affect pricing including window frame materials, type of windows, glass type, energy-efficient options, and the brand image. Milgard window prices fare very well on all these factors. They are positioned as mid-range and are very competitive relative to other top manufacturers and even other standard window providers. Overall, Milgard windows cost somewhere in the $189-$989 range depending on the build material. For supply and installation, you can get the windows at a 30% premium.

4. Top-notch customer service

The service that goes with every Milgard window installation is delivered consistently – on time, efficient, and professional. Milgard’s guiding principle, which is also imparted on its authorized dealers, is “The customer must be given the best possible service.” Excellent service has kept the Milgard business growing for the past 50 years.

5. Innovation

You get innovative product features with Milgard windows that are not seen with other manufacturers. Many of them are proprietary designs and ideas developed by Milgard’s technology team. Examples are their Quiet Line series windows designed to offer impressive soundproofing for noisier locations. Another is their wood-clad fiberglass windows that give homeowners the combined benefits from two materials – the lightweight and strength of aluminum and the natural beauty of wood. Make the dream of new windows a reality through a Milgard window installation. Request a free, no-obligation consultation with New Town Windows and Doors. We are a Milgard Certified Dealer and a professional windows installation service provider that caters to the Kelowna area.

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